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Truck Bed Slide out Cargo Tray

Truck Bed Slide and Bed Slide Out Cargo Platforms

A Truck Bed Slide will help you reach everything you put in your truck bed with ease. Extend Your Reach with the Truck Bed Slide.  A truck bed slide out cargo platform turns your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer. No more crawling on your hands and knees. A Truck Bedslide is what every pickup bed needs. They comes fully assembled and install easily and quickly.  We carry the original Truck Bed Slide in four different models, the BedSlide 1000, Bedslide 1000 PRO SE, the Bedslide 1500 Contractor Grade Pro, and the Bedslide 2000 PRO HD as well as four models from Cargo Glide and  the Gorilla Slide out Cargo Slide Out Tray in 2000 lb and 4000 lb capacity.

Truck Bed Slide 

BedSlide retractable truck bed slide

From $949.00 Free Shipping!

The easiest way to load or unload your truck

Truck Bed Slide, slide out retractable truck bed platform floor, Truck Cargo Slide bed extender.
Five styles available!
Bedslide 1000
Bedslide 1000 PRO SE
Bedslide 1500 PRO CG
Bedslide 2000 PRO HD
Bedslide 800 EXT for Avalanche

CargoGlide Truck Bed Slides
Six models to choose from
CargoGlide 1000S, CargoGlide 1000,
Cargo Glide 1500HD, Cargo Glide 1000XL,
CargoGlide 1500XL and the CargoGlide 2000XL
From $895 Free Shipping!
Stop having to crawl in the back of your truck or van to reach your cargo and gear. Cargo Glide provides the best way to get your work or play gear, cargo, materials, and other products from the back of your truck, van, or SUV.
Available four different models to suite every need from lightweight recreational hauling to heavy duty contractor slides
The Gorilla Slide2000-XT
Truck Bed Slide Out Cargo Extender Tray

Truck Bed Slide out truck bed platform
Truck Cargo Slide, Retractable Truck Glide

Rated to handle up to 2,000 pounds

Also available in 4000 lb rated

Free Shipping!
Cargo Slide Truck Bed Slide Cargo Slide™ Truck Bed Slide

Free Shipping! - Only $699 delivered!
No drilling No clamping
Just slide it in and it starts working!

Super low profile at less than 1" tall.
Fits all full size trucks with a bed length of 63" to 67"
pic4 Load Handler Pickup Truck Unloader
Free  Shipping!

No Shoveling, No Climbing, No Bad Back
To fill, easily unroll the pull sheet to cover your truck bed. To unload, lower the tailgate, place the crank handle on the end of the roller bar and rewind the drag sheet.
Truck Bed Slide provides the best way to access the cargo, tools, materials and gear you need to get out of your truck by providing a
convenient slide-out cargo rack system that fits into the bed of your truck. A Truck Bed Slide is the best way to access your gear and
cargo, providing an easy-access, sliding-drawer toolbox.



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