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Delta Champion Roller Box Sliding Cargo Management System


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Roll to front of bed and lock in position

Slide down and lock at your tailgate for easy access to everything in your toolbox
  • With the Roller-Box System rolled to the tailgate, everything in the Top and Bottom Boxes can be easily reached while standing at the tailgate.
  • No need to step up in the bed to retrieve anything stored in the Roller-Box.
  • Use the tailgate as a work surface for assembling parts or performing repairs.
  • Optional removable Drawer Storage Unit keeps hand tools, parts, and
    accessories organized and easy to find.
  • Easy to assemble and install in a few hours
Top Box:

RSL Laminated 3-Layer Foam Filled Lid

Adjustable Lid Strikers

Dual Gas Springs Lid Lifts

Built-In Small Parts Storage..Still Allows Long Item Storage

(Shown with Drawer Module)

Heavy-Duty 18-Gauge Steel Bottom Box:

360 degree Full Surround Automotive Bulb Weather Stripping

3-Point Locking System Secures Door Top and Sides

Coated Aircraft Cable Door Suspension


Extruded Aluminum Rail Kits:

Three Sizes
         Short   -    5.5' - 6.0'
         Standard - 6.5'
         Long    -    8.0'

3" or 5" Rail Extensions to Custom Fit Rail Length on The Truck

Rail System Designed to Support 500-lb. Loads

Fixed Tie-Downs at Each Rail Attachment Point

.......Excellent Load Control

New Locking Roller Knob:

New Locking Knob Prevents Roller-Box Movement

Tow Knobs Supplied

One Locking Version

......When Locked, Knob Spins And Will Not Release Box Or Allow It To Roll

Suspension Tray Assembly:

Assembly Includes:
Roller Assembly - Bolts to Tray Ends
Cross Support Channels - Tray Ends Bolt To Channels
Bottom Box Mounting Channels - Bolts Underneath Cross Channels

Stainless Steel Drawer Module:

Stainless Steel Drawers Feature Full Ball Bearing Glides

Designed for Heavy Use and To Resist Damage When Driven Over Rough Terrain

Bottom Box Holds Two Drawer Modules

Lock Guard Panels Hold Drawers Closed Traveling Over Rough Terrain

Stainless Steel Drawer Module:

Module Is Easy To Put In Or Remove From Bottom Box

Side Handles Allow Easy Carrying and Transport to Work Site When Needed

Easy To Load and Unload



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