Liquid Transfer Tanks, Refuel Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks, Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

Whether you want to carry, store or transfer extra fuel for your pickup truck, with liquid fuel transfer tanks, refuel tanks and auxiliary fuel transfer tanks you can get the job done effectively and efficiently.  We offer Fuel Transfer Tanks, Refuel Tanks and Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for pickup trucks by Aluminum Tank Industries, Delta, and Handy.  Toolbox with Auxiliary Fuel Transfer Tank are available in aluminum and steel.

Aluminum Fuel Tanks and Transfer Tanks by Aluminum Tank Industries

ATI Refuel and Transfer Tanks can be used for diesel or gasoline

Aluminum Tank Industries manufactures the highest quality aluminum refueling transfer tanks in the industry that will hold up to the toughest conditions.
Auxiliary Fuel Tank by Aluminum Tank Industries Diesel Auxiliary Fuel Tanks by Aluminum Tank Industries
This unique system connects the auxiliary tank to the factory tank via the factory filler.  The auxiliary tank keeps the factory tank full.  When the auxiliary tank is empty, your factory fuel gauge will move off the full mark.  The system installs quickly and easily.  
Gas Auxiliary Fuel Tank Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for Gasoline by Aluminum Tank Industries
Our aluminum auxiliary fuel tanks for gas are built to meet and exceed Title 49 CFR 393.65 for fuel tanks. The all aluminum .125 thick HD fuel tank was specifically designed for gasoline.

Severe Series Refueling Tanks by ATI
Heavy Duty .190" Aluminum

Designed for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, Av fuel, and methanol.
Aluminum Tank Industries Severe Series refueling tanks are designed for severe conditions.  These refueling tanks can easily handle larger pumps and off road conditions.  Your vehicle takes a beating in off road environments and so does the equipment you're transporting...that's why we have developed the Severe Series.  These tanks are constructed using 50% thicker HD aluminum and have a unique internal pump bung support. 
Delta Liquid Transfer tanksDelta Refuel Tanks
Delta Fuel and Tool Truck Toolbox and Transfer Tank Combination
98 and 37 gallon steel Fuel-N-Tool transfer tank and chest combos
Fits all full-size short wheelbase trucks
Purchase together or separately to customize your storage needs
Both tank and chest can be used independently of each other

Delta Aluminum Liquid Transfer Tanks
Delta Refuel tanks

Delta Aluminum Liquid Transfer Tanks


Fuel n tool liquid transfer tanks

Aluminum Fuel N Tool Liquid Transfer Tanks

The Fuel-N-Tool Model 433000 offers the convenience of a
72-gallon capacity transfer tank and 4.5 cubic feet of secure storage space in one unit. 


Fuel and Truck Toolboz combo Handy Fuel and Tool Truck Toolbox and Fuel Transfer Tank Combo
Stay on the road longer with a Fuel & Tool Box from Handy Industries. Combination Tool Box & Fuel Transfer Tank features an anti-theft design with all openings under locked lid. The Fuel & Tool is available in 30 or 50 gallon sizes for gasoline or diesel (check local laws), and still provides generous room for tool storage.
Delta Steel Auxiliary Fuel Tanks
Delta Steel Refuel Tanks

Delta Steel Liquid Transfer Tanks


Auxiliary Fuel Transfer pumps
Fuel Transfer Pumps

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