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Raider Phantom Cab High Truck Topper Camper Shell

The Phantom is Raiderís newest cap model. This cap-high model features an all glass door with a single twist handle and frameless tip-out side windows. Add all the style to your truck for a great price.

Full Size Trucks -     from $1655.00
Mid Size & Compact  -
from $1620.00

Phantom Key Standard Features:
    • - Center high mounted stop light
    • - Fixed front window
    • - Factory applied dupont basecoat/clearcoat automotive paint
    • - Fiberglass base rails
    • - Wiring harness
    • - Side tip-out window
    • - Clamps
    • - Frameless rear door with single twist lock
    • - Bulbseal
    • - Buckstopper Lifetime Replacement Warranty
Please note specific features may vary between model fits.

Keep in mind ALL Raider Truck Caps feature these important advantages:
  • CTX painted edge trim
  • Custom paint
    - base coat/clear coat
  • Double door locks with covers
    - With the exception of the Nomad II (has pushbutton lock instead)
  • Enclosed delivery
  • Exact-Fit One Piece Molds
    - Matching the contours of today's trucks to give you that "made-for-your-truck" look you want.
  • Fixed front window
  • Gas assisted door props
  • Hydro-netically cut door and window openings
    - Using an extreme-high-pressure water jet, door and window openings are cut with unequally precision and accuracy.
  • Interior 12 volt dome light
  • Rear brake light
  • Tinted Glass
  • Tribond roof system
    - Ensuring extra strength by combining fiberglass, resin and tri-cel honeycomb for an extremely strong, light, resilient structure

Optional Features
  • Thule Tracker II
  • Thule Pro Series Rack 
  • Thule Aero Rack
  • Utility carrier rack (gutter mounted) 
  • Rocky Mountain Package
    Track Mount Roof Rack, Storage Compartment, Shadow Fossliner, Fishing Rod Holder, Clothes Rack and 2 - 12 volt Dome Lights
  • Overhead Storage Compartment w/foss 
  • Overhead Storage Compartment 
  • Tailgate Cover Dodge Ram
  • Tailgate Cover Canyon/Colorado
  • Tailgate Cover 2007 Chevy
  • Electric Lock
  • Sliding front window (fixed window exchange)
  • Fold down front slider (fixed window exchange) 
  • Fold down front picture (fixed window exchange)
  • Blank front with reinforcing
  • Magnetic dome light 
  • Headliner - Silver Grey
  • Headliner - Shadow 
  • Headliner - Platinum
  • Clothes racks TWO (driver's side front & back) 
  • Clothes rack (driver's side) 
  • Berkeley fishing rod holders 
  • Battery dome light (Exchange for 12 volt / LoRider) 
  • 2- 12 Volt Dome Lights


Option Photo
Fold Down Front Slider

This replaces the standard front window, and makes it easy to clean both sides of the cap window and the window of the cab.

Option Photo
Magnetic Dome Light

Raiders newest lighting option is a magnetically activated 12-volt dome light. When installed this light will automatically activate with the opening and closing of the rear door. The slim design of this light allows for an unobtrusive fixture mounted on the inside of your canopy. The added convenience of an automatic light is sure to appeal to many of your customers. This should be an excellent up sell and come installed ready to wire.

Option Photo
Headliner Shadow

Tough, resilient commercial carpet; cut, fit and glued to the interior of the cap to improve the appearance, provide insulation against noise and reduce extreme temperature variations.

Option Photo
Clothes Racks

These ceiling-mounted racks fold down from the ceiling for use. Each is approximately 12" long, and provide a convenient way to hang up jackets, vests, and other clothing. Up to two can be installed at the factory.

Option Photo
Berkeley Fishing Rod Holders

Features four durable polypropylene twist-lock rod holders that secure rods in a foam grip pad.