Z-Bench Truck Tailgate Bench, Tailgate Step and Cargo Holder
The patented Z-Bench, is the first and only retractable tailgate bench.  


Use the Z-Bench as a bench for comfortable seating
Use the Z-Bench as a tailgate step for easy entering and exiting the bed
Use  Z-Bench as a Cargo Holder to secure items close to the tailgate

Use for Tailgating, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Skiing, Mountain Biking
Working Snowboarding...it's the perfect tailgate accessory!

A Bench - the Z-Bench allows you to sit comfortably with your feet on the ground. It accommodates three adults and can handle up to 600 pounds.

When you need a place to relax or change your boots, the Z-Bench is the perfect solution.  No need to to haul a chair or table with the Z-Bench.
A Step - The eleven inch deep bench provides the perfect step for easy access to your truck bed.  The wide, ribbed surface of the Z-Bench provides a safe, skid resistant surface.
A Table - By sitting on the Z-Bench and facing your truck, your tailgate becomes a table. Your Z-Bench can provide table space and seating for three people.
Folds flat against the tailgate to stow.
When not in use, the Z_Bench takes up less than three and a half inches of space against your tailgate.  And, it's easy to remove.
A Cargo Holder - Open the Z-Bench when the tailgate is closed and you have an excellent cargo holder to secure items against the tailgate.  Perfect for groceries, tools, camping gear, golf clubs or just about anything else you can think of.
The Z-Bench can handle over 1,000 pounds and does not put any stress on the tailgate or suspension of your truck. All the weight you place on the Z-Bench is distributed on the sturdy legs that easily unfold when deployed. It is not only a bench but has other functions including a tailgate step, a picnic table and can also work as a cargo holder.
Silverado 2500 with standard
Light weight.
Billet aluminum hinges.
Aircraft grade aluminum.
Supports up to 600 pounds.
Anodized for corrosion free protection.
Made, designed and invented in the USA.

Independent one touch adjustable legs.
The perfect aid for loading cargo into the truck bed.
Excellent step for entering and exiting the cargo bed.
Use the Z-Bench as a tailgate bench, a tailgate table.
The perfect seat for tailgating, changing footwear and more.
Use it to hold your gear and cargo from sliding around the truck bed.
Easy to remove and easy to store.
The self locking legs adjust independently and adjust with just one touch so uneven surfaces are not a problem.  
Even trucks with eight inch lift kits and tailgates as high as 45 inches from the ground enjoy the benefits of the Z-Bench as a seat, step, table and cargo holder.

This lifted F-350 trucks with 8
inch lift is  outfitted with the
Z-Bench Z-Bench

Toyota Tacoma, Prerunner
Available for Mini, Mid-Size and Full-Size trucks
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Currently not available for Avalanche, Escalade, Ridgeline, or Sport Trac

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