Truck Bedz Pickup Truck Bed Air Mattress


Truck-bedz always provides the Best Night's Sleep You'll Ever Have in a Pickup Truck or SUV !!

Truck-Bedz offers the best solution for the active outdoor enthusiasts sleeping in the back of their pickup truck. Our Truck-bedz are designed to fit around the wheel wells of your truck, maximizing your sleeping comfort!

Truck-bedz improves the state of the art in vehicle sleeping once again with our patented Truck-bedz Gold Series two layer truck air mattresses with built in one touch air pumps for fast and easy inflation and deflation. Constructed from PVC coated abrasion resistant nylon cloth materials and built by the original truck shaped air bedz Truck-bedz !!

  • Queen size sleeping comfort in the back of your pickup truck
  • Constructed of our usual heavy duty 420D Nylon cloth instead of flimsy 210D polyester
  • Patent pending Security Pocket for valuables, includes inflatable Pocket Cover
  • Large perimeter beam for extra protection
  • Extra padding over wheel wells for superior comfort, no pillows required
  • Internal NiMH battery rechargeable airpump; not lead acid or NiCad
  • Recessed Boston boat valve is far more durable than flimsy flapper valves
  • Includes extra large Gold Wedge Carry Bag with unbreakable 10mm zippers
  • Suggested for use above 40 degrees

1-year warranty

Truck-bedz Gold Series

The original “Expedition” series is a very tough, abrasion resistant product that is made of nylon cloth coated with urethane, just like a high-end backpack.   The “Expedition” series includes both the High Flow Airpump and the Wedge carry bag at no extra charge!
2-year warranty
Truck-bedz Expedition Series

Truck-bedz proudly offers the Weekender Series of our award winning vehicle shaped bed designs constructed of the more economical velour flocked PVC film material so familiar to consumers with mass market air beds.

All Weekender Series air beds include our high volume airpump with 19' (6m) DC cordset.

1-year warranty

Truck-bedz Weekender Series
Nearly all of the Truck Bedz Air Mattresses are on backorder until further notice
Please click HERE for Air Bedz Air Mattresses as an alternative
 Full Size Long Bed Trucks
94" - 96" long to fit 8' Full Size Longbeds including: Chevy Silverado 1988-current; Ford F250/F350 Series 1982-current; Dodge Ram 1969-current; GMC Denali & other LB models 1988-current; Toyota Tundra 1999-current and other truck models with 8' beds; Also fits full size vans with 8' beds

Expedition Series - FLB - $219.95 - Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VFLB - $119.95In stock!
 Full Size Short Bed Trucks
78" - 80" long to fit 6.5' - 6.7' Full Size Standard Shortbeds including: Chevy Silverado 1988-current; Dodge Ram 2003-current; Ford F250/F350 Series 1989-current, Ford F150 2004-current; GMC Denali; Toyota Tundra 2007-current and other truck models with full width 6.5' to 6.75' beds
Gold Series only will also fit:
74" - 76" long to fit 6.25' - 6.5' Full Size Slimmer or Shorter Shortbeds including: Ford F150 Series 1997-2003; Dodge Ram 1969-2002; Nissan Titan 2003-current; Toyota Tundra 1999-2006 and many other trucks with 6' to 6.25' beds

Gold Series - GFSB - $239.95 -  Currently on backorder until further notice
Expedition Series - FSB - $209.95 -  Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VFSB - $109.95 -
Currently on backorder until further notice
 Full Size Extra Short Bed Trucks
65" - 67" long to fit 5.5' - 5.7' Full Size Super Short beds; Fits Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra's super short beds 2004 to current, Dodge Ram Quad Cabs, Ford F150 Super Crew 2004 to current, Nissan Titan Crew Cab, Toyota Tundra Crew Max and all trucks with the shorter 5.5' - 5.7' cargo boxes

Expedition Series - FSB C1 - $189.95 -  Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VFSB C1- $99.95 -
Currently on backorder until further notice
 Extra Short Bed Truck (5.5' bed) Tailgate Down Model
82" - 84" long "T" shaped tailgate down model, fits most mid size trucks with 5.5'+ cargo box including: Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra with 5.75' box; Dodge Ram with 5.5' box, Dodge Dakota with 5' box, Nissan Titan with 5.5' box, Toyota Tundra with 5.5' box; Also fits numerous large vans and SUV's with available "T" shaped area including Chevy Suburbans, Ford Econoline vans, Toyota Sequoia

Expedition Series - TMSB - $209.95 -  Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VTMSB- $119.95 Currently on backorder until further notice
 Compact Short Bed Trucks (6' bed)
 70" - 72" long to fit many 6' asymmetric compact shortbed pickups and many smaller SUV's including: Toyota Tacoma 1989-current; Toyota Forerunner 1989 - 2011; Ford Explorer; GMC Envoy, Nissan Frontier long bed, Jeep Wagoneer 1963-1983, Jeep Cherokee 1973-1983, Jeep Grand Cherokee 1993 - 2004, Jeep Grand Wagoneer 1983-1991, Mazda Tribute, Mitsubishi Raider, Subaru Forrester, Subaru Outback; Volvo XC90 and other models with asymmetric 6' compact beds.
Gold Series only will also fit:
70" - 72" long to fit many symmetric compact 6' shortbeds including: Ford Ranger 1984-current, Chevy S10/ Colorado; GMC Canyon; Honda Element; Mazda B2300/B3000/B4000 and other models with symmetric 6' compact beds

Gold Series - GCSB- $229.95 - Currently on backorder until further notice
Expedition Series - CSB T1 -
$179.95 -  Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VCSB T1- $99.95 - Currently on backorder until further notice
 Compact Short Bed Trucks (5' bed)- Tailgate Down Model
 76" - 78" long "T"shaped tailgate down model, fits most compact trucks with 5'+ cargo box; Includes: Chevy Colorado; Ford Ranger; Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, GMC Canyon; Nissan Frontier; Toyota Tacoma; Also fits many mid size SUV's and minivans including: Ford Bronco's 1966 - 1977; Honda Odyssey, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander, Land Rover LR2 and LR3, Range Rover, Defender, Nissan Armada, Subaru Tribeca, Toyota FJ Cruiser (console impact) and Toyota Sienna

Expedition Series - TCSB -
$169.95 -  Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VTCSB- $79.95 - Currently on backorder until further notice
 SUV, Minivan and Full Size Step-Side trucks Air Mattresses
 778" - 80" long to fit most full size SUV's with 6.5' beds including: Cadillac Escalade; Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe; Chevy Trailblazer, Dodge Durango; Ford Expedition, Ford Excursion; GMC Denali, GMC Yukon; Honda Ridgeline, Lincoln Navigator; Nissan Armada, Toyota LandCruisers and many other SUV's with a 46" width; Fits most full size step side or flare side pickup trucks with rectangular beds including Ford F150 SuperCrew 1997-2003. Fits minivans with flat cargo areas including Chevy Venture; Dodge Grand Caravan; Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna.

Expedition Series - SUV A1 -
$179.95 - Currently on backorder until further notice
Weekender Series - VSUV A1- $99.95 -
Currently on backorder until further notice


Heavy Duty Airpumps

 AP C208 (Included with purchase of all Truck Bedz)

Our heavy duty airpumps put out several times the airflow of the pumps offered by our cheaper competitors. Why? Because we don’t think that you should have to wait until your dinner gets cold for the pump to inflate your Truck-bedz. Our pumps will fill most models in less than a minute, and they’re reversible to deflate them just as rapidly.

Wedge Carry Bags

WB M004
(Included with purchase of Expedition Series Truck Bedz)

These great heavy duty carry bags are designed in a custom Wedge shape especially to fit behind the seatback of a typical pickup truck. They’re large enough to fit a folded Truck-bedz mattress and one of our heavy duty airpumps.

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