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Diamond Plate Folding Tonneau Cover

Diamond Plate Folding Truck Bed Cover by Reds Beds

Available in Silver Diamond Plate or Black Powder Coated

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Introducing one of the most advanced
folding truck bed covers being made today.

It is rugged yet sleek; the all new Redís Beds folding aluminum truck bed cover offers both ease of operation and versatility.   Fully extended, the cover functions as a work table, yet folds back for full access to your entire truck bed without removing the cover from the truck.

Form, function, strength and durability-the Redís Beds cover has it all!
Capable of supporting 150 lbs without bending, our folding tonneau
does more than simply look good!
The diamond-plate construction offers a sleek, low-profile design and can be used with a matching toolbox.

Red's Beds folding aluminum
truck bed cover now offers a
matching toolbox to complete
your new bed cover!

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No need to worry about the weather-this coverís water resistant design
ensures that your valuables are always protected.

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A Perfect Fit!

Long bed, short bed, silver or black, we have you covered.
Red's Beds folding tonneau covers are custom made to fit almost every type of
domestic truck.

Tired of complicated bed covers that never fit right?  One of the most advanced designs in the industry, the all new Redís Beds one of a kind folding truck bed cover installs easily, with no complicated tracks

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Silver Diamond Plate Reds Beds Folding Truck Tonneau Cover

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for Black Powder Coated Reds Beds Folding Truck Tonneau Cover


    In todayís world we must think about our property
in a completely new way. Nothing is secure from thieves, because there are people who want what you have without working for it. If you have ever been a victim of theft, you know what peace of mind this cover will give. You only want to by an item once, not twice. When you go into a store or restaurant, the items left
in the back of your pickup are not protected. If you
have a locking, folding hard aluminum cover, you will have the security you need plus style. As you travel
and use your pickup the way it was designed to be used, this folding aluminum truck bed cover will fit
the need.



A Redís Beds folding tonneau pickup cover is designed with security in mind. The cover is
locked at 3 locations along each side. With the cover fully closed, the cover has two locking pins along each side and a key lock in each stake
hole at the back of the bed near the tailgate. The
tailgate panel forms an extended lip over the top
of the tailgate and holds it shut. The cover must
be unlocked to allow the tailgate to open. The cover is mounted in the front with 3 clamps and
2 carriage bolts. The cover is made from 3003 aluminum with stainless steel hardware. This cover, for the most part, will keep your valuables secure.


This cover has a full bright finish which gives it a sleek, shiny look. The diamond plate design on the cover does two things:

1. the diamond is raised up from the surface to protect the shine on the cover and protect it from scratches.

2. the diamond design adds to the strength of the material so the panels are tougher and weight bearing

Redís Beds pickup cover has all of the diamonds lined up across the top so the cover has a sharp and unique design.



  • A Redís Beds cover is made of aluminum and stainless steel parts.
  • The panels are made of 3003 aluminum .080 thick with a diamond plate design.
  • The hinges are 5052 aluminum with a stainless steel pin
  • The hardware is all stainless steel or steel with rust prevent paint.
  • The cam-lock has a stainless steel top with
    a dust cover.
  • All of the rubber is close cell form so water will not pass thru.
  • The rubber boot is made from 60 neoprene rubber.
    With gasoline costing over $3.00 a gallon we need all the help we can get. Redís Beds cover is one of the items that actually save you money when driving. As you know drag slows down your truck and makes your truck work harder to overcome.

With a Redís Beds cover your trucks gas mileage will increase with the cover locked in the closed position.
If you drive 1500 miles a month at a gas rate of 15 miles per gal you would use 100 gallons per month.
At $3.00 a gallon the cost would be $300.00. Now if a Redís Beds cover was locked down driving the same distance your consuming rate would be 17 miles per gal. You would use about 88 gallon at $3.00 per gallon your cost would be $264.00. This would give you a saving of $46.00 per month $552.00 year.

  Saving will vary per truck and the operation of the truck during the 1500 miles run.

This covers patent was granted in (4 months) after application because it saved fuel. Your pickup will handle better with a Redís Beds cover installed and locked down which will give you better control of the vehicle. Most truck drivers only use the complete Bed approximately 15% of the time.
If you use your pick-up to haul and move items this cover is still for you.

Available in Silver Diamond Plate or Black Powder Coated

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Silver Diamond Plate Reds Beds Folding Truck Tonneau Cover


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for Black Powder Coated Reds Beds Folding Truck Tonneau Cover

All Red's Beds Truck Bed Covers are made to order. 
Please note that it will take approximately 30-45 days
before they ship from the manufacturer.

Need it sooner?
Most Diamond Back Truck Bed Covers ship within 7-10 business days.

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Diamond Back
Truck Tonneau Covers!


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