June 10, 2003

To whom it may concern,

Allow me the opportunity to introduce myself, I'm Tom Apperson, Security Directory of American Services Corp., parent company of the Executive Protection Group & American Limousine Company.

We have an entire fleet of limousines and armored luxury specialty vehicles that constantly need cleaning due to our mostly rainy Pacific Northwest climate.

We have tried just about every commercial wax available and none of them seem to last much longer than 15 to 20 washes. Sometimes are vehicles are washed several times a day which means that we must re-wax several times a month. This is very time consuming and labor intensive which costs us money and aggravation.

I learned of the PPS paint sealant through our Lincoln Dealership and decided to give it a try. After the 5 Star Shine had been applied we washed the car and couldn't believe how well the water beaded and just rolled off the car.

The real test came the following week when an entire fleet of limousines were involved in a charity event. It was raining as usual and at the end of the event all the limousines were dirty for the exception of the one we applied 5 Star Shine to. Very little dirt and road scum stuck to the paint. It looked awesome compared to the other limousines!

This PPS paint sealant has saved us money and I would highly recommend it to anyone who cares about the appearance of their investment.

Whenever I read product testimonials, I'm quite skeptical as to who created it and why. We have been offered no financial incentives for this endorsement. To validate the authenticity of who we are and what we do, please visit our website at: www.americanbodyguard.com

Best Regards,

Tom Apperson / Security Director
American Security Services Corp


"I had a 1996 Trans Am which I took immaculate care of but over the years it got many fine scratches in the paint. The car was to be sold in the coming weeks and I had no idea what to do. I used 5 Star Shine with the PPS technology and it came out perfect! The car sold that same week! I noticed that the water just fell off the car along with the dirt. I was extremely impressed and will be using it on my new Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 and every vehicle from now on. Thank you for the incredible product!"
PS - Here's a picture of the car after 5 Star Shine
Patrick Bowman - Austin, TX
Click Image for More Detail


As discussed with you last spring my 12 month test of your product is drawing to a close. I am pleased to tell you that 5 Star Shine not only met my expectations but exceeded them (no wonder the US Navy buys it!) For years I have been trying to keep the dark blue cove strip (about a foot wide) surrounding the hull from oxidizing over our hot summers and cold winters. Last year it reached 100 degrees in August and then in January dropped for several weeks to a balmy -25 F. It's now moving into late March and the hull looks great! One thing I noticed most of all was the side of the boat consistently facing the sun held it's color and showed the same quality as the shaded side. In past years to keep her looking good I had to polish 2 to 3 times a season, this year I will wash her down and apply one extra coat and I know she will shine like she did all last summer. I have boated for over 30 years and tried every product on the market. I am pleased to tell you, yours is the best! This year I will also be applying it to my top side and interior bright work...............Thanks again from the Captain & Crew P.S. With the extra time I save....NOW I GET TO TAKE THE FIRST MATE SAILING!
From: Capt. J.W.Olive & First Mate Brenda
Aboard the : LA REINE BRENDA, Morgan 41 Sailing Vessel, Commissioned 1988
Docked: North Shore - Great Lakes, Canada - In water year round


"I have bought your 2 part paint protection kit twice in the last 13 months. The first time I bought and used your product on my wife's 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. I was and still am literally amazed at the difference your product makes. Even 1 year after the application water still beads on the paint. And the shine is awesome!"
Greg Cunningham - Cantonment, FL


My name is Stephen Zeller, a Second Class Petty Officer, Webmaster, and Fire Controlman on USS Stethem DDG-63. We have ordered and used your products, and love them! They work great for our AEGIS antennas!


"I want to thank you for producing a fantastic product! Our new PT Cruiser absolutely sparkles! I can't believe how smooth and slick the finish now feels. I'm very happy that I found 5 Star Shine and that I didn't pay for the dealer's expensive finish protection program." Jim McKinley - Forestville, CA


"This is my 2nd Five Star Shine order. I applied 5 Star Shine to my 02 Toyota Tundra and am amazed at how long it goes between washings! I've owned the truck for 3 months and have only washed it 3 times! It always looks great. I just bought a cap for it and want to use 5 Star Shine on it as well. Thanks for a great product!" Tony Okraska - Loganville, GA


"Just wanted you to know we just finished car #4 with your product. It was a 2002 black GMC Sierra Denali pickup that belongs to my Father in law. All I can say is WOW!! The shine on this truck is unbelievable!The first car we put it on was our own GMC Envoy. I have to admit I was skeptical about your claim of being able to wash without soap. It has been 4 months now with nothing more than a weekly hose down and dry with a chamois. It looks like it has gone through a professional car wash!"
Ed Corbett - Olathe, KS


"I use 5 Star Shine because I want the finish on my car to last for many years, and in this climate (Minnesota), with all the snow and salt, that's not easy! Plus 5 Star Shine makes it easy for me to keep my car looking great! Now that makes it well worth the money! Lyle Heggemeier - Edina, MN


"The glistening shine of my car has lasted way longer than the shine of hand waxing and the paint protection of the PTFE base is a life saver. I have not cleaned my car for 2 weeks and it's still looks great!" Jesse Magahiz - San Jose, CA


"Earlier this year I bought a not-quite-1-year-old black Acura Integra. I remembered seeing on your website that a car treated with 5 Star Shine in the first year had a great chance of keeping the original paint in great condition. So far, I'm very impressed. The glistening shine my car sports has lasted way longer than the shine of hand waxing and the paint protection of the PTFE base is a lifesaver here in Florida. I'll keep buying!" Kevin Kennedy - Tampa, FL


"I've used your product on a 2002 Camry and found it to be superior to anything else I've used. We again will purchase your product for our new 2002 Dakota Quad Cab. Thanks for a great product!"
Raymond Stricker - Akron, NY


"I bought your product a couple of weeks ago and applied it to my new 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about your product claims. However, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I used the 5 star shine. I have used a lot of different car waxes in the past and none came close to the shine and brilliance of 5 star shine. It was a bit expensive but worth every penny! You have a customer for life. I will never use any other type of product on my car. Thank you for your awesome product!!"
Liz Bunting - Madera, CA


"I followed the instructions to the letter, and the results are phenomenal! I only wish I had discovered your product when my truck was new. Application and removal of the products couldn't be easier, and they didn't leave any haze or swirl marks behind like everything else I have used has. FINALLY, regular waxing is a thing of the past!" Robert McAlarney - Weymouth, MA


"WOW!!! I have to say that I was a little skeptical about your product. I have used a lot of the other "incredible" products sold on television. The ONLY one that is incredible is 5 Star Shine. I could not believe how slick my finish was after using 5 Star Shine, and my truck is only 3 months old. It's even slicker than the new finish! You need to market this to the manufacturers. Thanks for making my life easier!" Dr. Michael Cole Hartsville SC


"This is definitely the best paint-protection product on the market today because it provides the following to any vehicle: a long-lasting & glossy shine, superior water beading, and easier washing!!!"
Justin Yeskey - Greensburg, PA


"I used this product on my 2001 Chevy Silverado, that sits through all the snow, salt, etc. and it still looks perfect! I do mean PERFECT!" Keith Palli - Washington, PA


"...as I drive it looks like I bring the sun with me! THANK YOU!" Mike - Ironwood MI


"This is my first experience with the 5 Star product and I am very pleased with the depth it seems to have added to the appearance of my 2002 Bravada!" Kraig Gerber, Livonia MI


I am amazed by this product. I have never seen a car shine like this before! Also when I washed my car I noticed that the water just dribbled off of the car. I plan on telling other's of this amazing product! Thank You! J. Belcastro - Bridgeveille, PA


"... I threw the 5 star shine on it and Mercedes Benz drivers even turn their heads!! It looks absolutely unbelievable! People ask me how I like my NEW Jag?!!! I LOVE it. The paint looks "liquid"!"


I would just like to say from over the 'Pond'(England), That I have just tried your 5 star Shine, and can say how brilliant your product is, I was pessimistic to say the least as I have tried many types of waxes and Polishes, and they all promise excellent results, only for them to fail within a week or so, but your product is excellent. Well done. Have you ever thought of selling this over here in the UK?. It would sell like ice creams on a hot day!!!. P. Palmer - United Kingdom


5 Star Shine is definitely superior to any Carnuba wax. With 5 Star I do not get the nasty build up I did with Carnuba wax. 5 Star Shine is the first and only paint protection product I will ever use on all my cars!
Cookie - New York, NY


"I Have tried the 5 star shine on my 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport and it works great! (I love It!) Me and my buddy went down this 5 mile dirt logging road to go 4 wheeling with our ATV's. After we got back on the pavement you could not see if my truck was even dirty (except for my tire and rims). I was impressed! Nothing could stick!" Chad Martin - Bend Oregon


I bought a new car in 1993 and had the PTFE formula put on it the same year. I just sold the car this year (2001). It still had a great shine on it and the car was NEVER put in a garage. It sat in the hot Florida sun the entire time! I highly recommend this product for your vehicle and plan to put it on my new car! Evelyn Rogers - Lutz, Florida


Even though I was a bit skeptical at first, by the time I finished applying 5 Star Shine to my Cadillac, I knew that the deep gloss and slick surface was superior to any other 'miracle' was I had ever applied to any of my vehicles. The shine lasts even when the vehicles get dirty - and the dirt finds a much tougher time adhering to the painted surfaces now.

As for bad things about 5 Star Shine. The only thing I have found is that you cannot sit anything on top of my VW and expect it to stay there. Usually I set my coffee and my lunch on the roof of the VW in the morning when I get to work while I lock my car. I found out the very first day after applying 5 Star Shine that NOTHING sticks to the finish now - and that includes my lunch and coffee cup!
Ron Eschinger - Locust Grove, VA


Your product is Outstanding! I noticed the first day there was no dust on my car and I work in an industrial area! This past Thursday, my brother came by to pickup his present which was my second order of Five Star Shine. He immediately noticed the difference between his 1996 Yukon and my 1986 Cadillac. The paint on my older car was MUCH glossier, deeper, and richer than his! We're VERY pleased with your Five Star Shine system. Thank you very much! Michael J. Baker - Detroit, Michigan


"I sent an email just after I put my 5 start shine one my new Toyota P/U. I was raving about how good it was. Now I want to tell you how really good it is! I washed it for the first time as you instructed, without soap; just water. The dirt and bugs just fell off! They were washed away. The easiest wash job I ever gave. Thanks again for such a super product! And believe me, I have used them all!"
Dr. Michael Cole - Hartville, SC


"This stuff is really cool. The tree sap and bugs just wipe off! I'm definitely buying more for my other vehicles." Kurt Bornkessel - Hammond, LA


I tried out 5 Star Shine with a bit of skepticism on my new 2002 Toyota Camry. I have tried every wax product under the sun over the last 25 years and I have to admit the 5 Star out shines them all! I get my teenagers to wash the car to earn money and they came back in 5 minutes and said they were done. I went out and looked and to my amazement it was sparkling. I ask them how they did it? They replied that they just rinsed it with water and dried it off with a towel. Where's my $20.00 bucks Dad? I heard them laughing later about the easy money because nothing sticks to the car!
Gene Schallert - Santa Rosa, CA


"I just used your product on my new black Corvette.....amazing!! Even after a 200 mile drive it wasn't even dusty. I hosed it off, the water just rolled off, chamoised it and it looks like new.....I did the Vet twice with the polish and have enough left for 2 more coats if I feel like it....Great stuff!!" Bob Ruggeri - Reno, NV


"PPS isn't a wax ... these have no permanence, needing to be repeated with frequent regularity. PPS is the only protection system of its kind in the world engineered to preserve paint finishes. It has the true scientific research to show its reliability and is approved by Rolls Royce International and used by the U.S. Air Force and the Lear Jet Corporation. I've personally used the PPS technology on thousands of automobiles over the last 15 years with outstanding results!"

Charles Moquin (803) 817-6598
Permanent Paint Preservation exclusively by Charles

Charles Moquin was one of the first professional detailers to be involved with the PPS formula. He has applied the patented PPS formula to thousands of the world's finest automobiles. READ MORE TESTIMONIALS from some of Charles' customers!


Borden Inc. has been in the aviation business in Columbus since 1970. I have been a customer of Aero-Clean for eight years. I have had three jet aircraft, two Hawkers and a Falcon 50 treated with the Polarized Protective System (PPS). It is my opinion that the protective coatings were extremely beneficial for the following reason.

1) The coatings have maintained the high gloss of the original paint for over five years, in the case of our Hawker 700. The Falcon 50 was painted in 1995 and appears to have been freshly painted.

2) The coatings have greatly improved the ease of maintenance type cleaning and wiping of fluids and insects.

3) I normally budge for aircraft paint at five year intervals, but it appears that this period my be extended to at least 6-7 years. This is an estimate based upon the current condition of the Hawker paint and means budget savings over the life of the aircraft.

Don Nelson - Chief Pilot, Borden Aviation


"Thanks to 5 Star Shine, I am able to give pilots the option of long lasting protection and ease of maintaining the exterior of their aircraft!"
Jeremy Anderson
Boundary Waters Aircraft - Cambridge MN


"Applied your system to my 2000 BMW 740 and it looks better than when I picked it up new. Fantastic!!!"
C R Scott - Sikeston, MO