ATV Bow Rack, ATV Crossbow Rack

PowerPak Bow Rack and Crossbow rack were designed secure, protect and transport your bows and crossbows with confidence.  With the PowerPak, you can rest assured that your bow will arrive safe and secure, ready for the hunt! 
Made with Pride in the USA!
ATV Bow Rack ATV Crossbow Rack
Power-Pak Bow Rack

The PowerPak Bow Rack was designed by bow hunters to secure, protect and transport the most important piece of equipment for the hunt.  the PowerPak Bow Rack provides maximum protection for both compound or recurve bows.

The first tension-powered Bow Rack ever for an ATV, the PowerPak mounts conveniently on the front and ready to ride.  The PowerPak includes all mounting hardware and features quick release loading and removal. 


Transport your bow with confidence and peace-of-mind!  Your bow handle, the sight and all the fragile, sensitive parts of the bow are held suspended in mid-air...nothing touching them or disturbing settings...even in the toughest traveling terrain.

Power-Pak Crossbow Rack

The Power-Pak Crossbow Holder---the easiest and safest way possible to haul a crossbow,


The Power-Pak uses the patented “Tension-Lok” holding system that grasps the stock of the crossbow so securely that no other component is touched—protecting all the sensitive mechanical settings.


The Power-Pak Crossbow Rack attaches to the ATV front at a clever angle reducing the risk of contact with vines and branches.  The base of the Power-Pak Crossbow Holder is constructed of aircraft aluminum and installs in just minutes with regular tools.

Power-Pak Bow Rack
Model 556 - $74.00
Power-Pak Crossbow Rack
Model 556CB - $74.00
The PowerPak Bow Rack and Crossbow Rack fits Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Bombardier, Arctic Cat, Yamaha & Suzuki 

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