SnowSport« HD Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know, my SnowSport plow works fantastic!! Yes, I believe I'm the first to try your plow on a 2007 Toyota TRD FJ Cruiser and it works great! Mount fits perfect/your plow meets all clearances. I have 13" from bottom of hitch (front mounts) and 9+ for the push frame. I have already used the plow 9 times, and as I speak we are getting 10"+ snow storm and still snowing.
Yours truly,"


"I'm writing to express my satisfaction with the SnowSport Utility Plow. I thought of getting one for a couple years and many uses of a snow blower on 5 driveways in the neighborhood finally made me get one, I got this little champ of a plow in June of 2007, a bit early and a bit of a wait for snow....... But worth the wait. Well I got the snow I was waiting for, and finally got to use the snowsport.......... I am more than satisfied with it's performance............. Now it is time for more snow........ Sure beats the snowblower for 5 driveways."

Avon, MA


"Just wanted to say thanks very much for an excellent product. I am a landscape contracter and got my plow this week and had to use it on 12 Strata complexes in Vancouver, Canada.

The plow works wonderful and and is very durable. I would rather buy 10 Snowsport Plows over before buying a Hydrolic plow. It angles perfect and the box ends move a lot of snow.

Roy Crossman
Jim's Mowing
Vancouver, Canada


"I am 53 years old and this is the BEST INVESTMENT I ever made! Not only are all the men in town jealous of me but now they are asking where I bought my plow and I even catch them copying off the information off my plow....I am also the public library librarian and have to plow the library out just to get into work! I told my library director they better add "you have to own a snow plow" as part of the job description when I retire!

I just wanted to let you all know for a 5'3" 126 pound WOMAN, I can plow that snow just as good as any man, and it's all because of my wonderful SnowSport Plow!I don't have a lick of trouble! I have to admit it feels pretty good when I am plowing out the local coffee house ( I have to have my daily Mocha Latte) and the men in town give me a double look, because a WOMAN is plowing! Thank you all, without that plow I would never had the courage to do what I am doing now! I have had my plow for two winters now and don't dread the winters anymore!

Robin Maly
Alpine, Arizona


"I purchased the Snow Sport plow in October of 2006. I am located here in Minnesota so we are very familiar with the snow. I have a 600+ foot driveway and over the last three years it has taken me about 2 hours to use my snow blower to complete the job every snow fall. This year with child number three the 2 hours it took to finish the driveway just was not going to cut it. I did a ton of research trying to find the best deal and most compatible plow for my needs. To spend $3-6000 on a plow I am going to use 3 months out of the year, just was not a good investment. ---Well welcome to the Snow Sport Plow. $1400 for the complete package. What a perfect fit for my needs. I purchased the plow from a local dealer (Hitch-it in Forest lake, MN) He fabricated the front 2" hitch on the front of my 1990 Jeep YJ and I was ready to go. Well last week we received approx. 14 inches of snow. I was so excited to finally get to use the new plow. I not only did my driveway, but I also finished 5 other driveways in our development. Simple to use, inexpensive, light, durable, does not rip up grass, easy to store and the kids love to ride along with DAD in the jeep. The Snow Sport Plow was one of the best winter investments I have ever made. I can guarantee some of the people in our development will be looking to get a Snow Sport Plow this next year.
We also have a business that has about a 30 car parking lot. We use to hire this out to be plowed, but not any more. The Snow Sport is a perfect fit for our personal needs and our business needs. Now I actually look forward to the next snow fall.
I thank you again for a wonderful product. "

Brett Harper
Arden Hills, MN

"I'm writing to express my satisfaction with the SnowSport Utility Plow. I've used the plow since the first snowfall this year in many different conditions, from fluffy snow to heavy wet snow with an ice crust. The SnowSport does an excellent job, it continues to amaze me every time I use it."
New York

Thinking ahead, I just bought a SnowSport Plow and it looks so simple I cannot wait to use it! Nothing to ever break down is what sold me on this. Even my wife will be able to push snow!
Matthew T.
Clearwater, MN

Five years ago I purchased a Snowsport Utility Plow. It is my pleasure to recommend it to any farmer, rancher or country dweller. It is extremely durable. Easily attached and removed in minutes by a single person. It has no electrical or hydraulic components to mess with. It handles heavy wet snow with ease. I live 15 miles from town on a township road. I not only clean my driveway with ease, but I choose to do the entire yard in and around all the out buildings. The township road I live on is not often maintained in the winter, so I easily clean one half mile of that road in a matter of a few minutes. With the angle blade I can push the snow off the road into the ditch. I still mount a blower on a tractor each winter. The last 5 years I have unhooked the blower each spring, usused. I much prefer to use the Snowsport plow. Without a doubt it has been one of the best investments for snow removal I have made.
Keath B
Rural Wahpeton, ND

Just wanted to drop you an email about how great the plow blade worked yesterday. Chicago area got a good dumping, so it was a really good test for the blade. As I had hoped, my wife enjoyed driving the truck down the driveway. While my neighbor screwed with trying to get his snowblower running, I was done in less than 15 minutes.
John B.
St Charles, IL