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Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Stem Caps

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Tire Pressure Indicators

TireCheck is a valve cap that indicates tire pressure on virtually all cars, SUVs, light trucks, and motorcycles. Since they replace your existing standard valve caps, you don't have to fumble for a gauge or even bend over to check your tire pressure! One size fits all vehicles and provides accurate readings that will register a pressure loss of 2-3 psi or more. TireCheck also helps enhance road handling, increase fuel economy, and extend tire life by keeping you constantly updated on the status of your tire pressure. By Kleen Wheels.

  • See at a glance when tires need air; all green, good to go—see some red, check your pressure
  • Properly inflated tires run cooler and smoother for better fuel economy
  • Work by detecting drop in original pressure

TireCheck™ fits all standard automotive valve stems — handle pressure range of 20-42 psi. Helps you maintain proper inflation so tires can run cooler for better fuel economy, less wear on tire itself. Here's how they work: Inflate each tire to the correct pressure. Screw TireCheck™ tightly (VERY tightly) onto the tire valve stem by hand. After driving for a few miles, the indicator will become fully operational and the green indicator will show clearly. If a tire loses pressure by approximately 2-3 psi or more, a red indicator flag will show above the green. Make sure to use an accurate pressure gauge. Set of 4. Lifetime warranty.


  • Replaces existing standard valve caps
  • One size fits all - 20-42 psi
  • Red indicator show pressure loss of 2-3 psi or more
  • Enhances road handling, increases economy, extends tire life
  • Sold in sets of four (4)

How Will I Know When My Tire Pressure Drops?
When you're good to go, the indicator in the clear plastic-sight glass will be entirely green.
However, if tire pressure drops 2-3 psi, a red indicator will appear, letting you know
to check up on your tires.

Why Use TireCheck?
Tire pressure conditions are a vital safety factor in reducing accidents and casualties. Recent attention to the importance of proper tire pressure have subsequently lead to laws requiring new vehicles to be equipped with tire pressure monitors.


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