Patriot 16k 5th Wheel Hitch Frequently Asked Questions


Will the Patriot 16K RV Hitch work with all universal rail systems?

Yes.  The Patriot 16K has been designed to work with universal rail systems.

Where do I position the Patriot 16K RV arms? How much adjustment does it allow?

The Patriot 16K gives 3 inches of height adjustment, from 16" to 19" tall, and 4" of front to back adjustment.  See the diagram for RV arm positions. 

Can I use the Patriot 16K with my short bed truck?

The short answer is yes, many folks towing fifth-wheel trailers with shortbed trucks successfully use the Patriot 16K. 

There are many factors to consider when addressing the issue of cab clearance.  To answer the question for you specific truck and trailer, pay attention to the following:

  1. Pin Box Location-Is the Kingpin even with the front of the trailer, or is it recessed behind the front of the trailer?  Some 5th wheel manufacturer's have compensated for the prevalence of shortbed trucks by building extended kingpin boxes.
  2. Type of trailer and shape.  Narrower trailers allow a tighter turning radius.  Trailers that are built with rounded corners accommodate more cab clearance than squared corners.
  3.  Finally, the type of maneuvering that will be required while towing.  Do you anticipate lots of sharp turns while towing, or is it only highway driving with little or no backing?
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