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The complete line of BakFlip hard, foldable multi-panel truck tonneau covers! Enjoy all the secureness of a securing hard tonneau cover and have instant access to your entire truck bed! The innovative BAKFlip cover folds completely forward and up against the vehicles rear cab (rear window) offering you usage of all of your truck bed without removing the cover! The BAKFlip can also be effortlessly removable with 2 fastening knobs and weighs only 40 lbs! PLUS - The BAKFlip DOES NOT INTERFERE with stakehole pockets on your truck, so it works perfectly with side rails, heachache racks, tie downs, overhead truck racks, etc!

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The world's most versatile foldable tonneau cover!

BakFlip folding tonneau covers are the worlds only true Quad-Fold tonneau covers.

A rolling soft tonneau cover will provide easy access to your truck bed, but offers no security and is not the kind of product that many folks want to add to their expensive pickup truck.

A traditional hard tonneau cover, whether it tilts, folds or retracts will always provide great security and even looks, but unfortunately will never allow you full access to your truck bed.

That's why we created the BakFlip hard folding tonneau cover.

The patented design of the BakFlip Folding Tonneau Cover ensures that you get the best of all worlds. Great looks, great security, full truck bed access and the most cutting edge tonneau cover design and styling available anywhere in the world. Best of all, the BakFlip's patented design offers the world's only hard folding tonneau cover that guarantees access to your entire truck bed.


Free ground shipping on all Bakflips to anywhere in the lower 48 states! 
Low Price Guarantee.  If you find a Bakflip Tonneau for a cheaper price on the web,
call us with the details and we'll match it!
BakFlip G2 Folding Truck Tonneau Bed Covers Free Shipping!
If you're looking for a tough truck bed cover that literally does it all, the BakFlip G2 is it. From modern present day design to state of the art function, BakFlip G2 hard truck bed covers are certain to make an impression on the most ardent critics. Made from tough, aluminum panels, BakFlip G2 hard tonneau covers provide fantastic protection, operate easily from both sides of the vehicle, manage every climate, delivers full access to stake pockets and most importantly, offer 100% unobstructed access to your entire truck bed. Transporting large items in your pickup truck is never a problem. The ability to lock and load is ultimately an option with the patented features that ONLY BakFlip hard tonneau covers can provide. No other hard tonneau covers in the world can do what a BakFlip tonneau cover can, and for the modest price of these phenomenal hard tonneau covers, there’s really little that anyone can think of that the BakFlip G2 doesn’t deliver. Put a BakFlip G2 hard folding tonneau cover on your truck and be a part of the thousands of folks that have made this incredible product the number 1 selling foldable truck bed cover on the planet!
Bakflip MX4 New!
Free Shipping!

Introducing the all-new BAKFlip MX4, featuring heavy-duty aluminum matte finish panels that offer superior UV and scratch resistance,
and an enhanced premium density foam core. The MX4 is the upgrade to the G2 aluminum series, equipped with upgraded latch housing components,
and an all-new integrated tailgate seal that allows the cover to be closed with the tailgate in the closed or open position.
BakFlip FiberMax Fiberglass Reinforced Hard Folding Tonneau Cover
Free Shipping!

The BakFlip FiberMax is BAK's all new hard folding tonneau cover that combines both Aluminum and Fiberglass reinforced polymers in it's composition. The top surface of the BakFlip FiberMax is made from a UV protected Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), making the Fibermax impact resistant, scuff resistant and impervious to knocks and dings. The BakFlip FiberMax is the perfect tonneau cover if you're looking for a secure, reliable, hard-working truck cover that will look good over the long haul and won't break the bank.
Bakflip F1 Fiberglass Folding Truck Bed Cover  Free Shipping!
BAKFlip F1®:  Is the most "Advanced Tonneau Cover Ever Made!" The BAKFlip F1 operates exactly the same as the BAKFlip G2, however the outer paneled surfaces are made out of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) which provides unparalleled impact resistance.
BakFlip CS Contractor Series
Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Bed Cover and Rack System

The Only One of It's Kind Combining The Secure Hard Folding BakFlip G2 Tonneau Cover And A Contractor Series (CS) Rack System.


BakBox Bakflip Tonneau Cover Toolbox

BakBox Tonneau Cover Toolbox—designed specifically for your BakFlip or Revolver X2 Tonneau Cover

The BakBox instantly flips out from the back wall of your truck to give you a full, secure tool chest and cargo management box. It disappears just as easily when you don't need it or simply need to use your full truck bed! No more over-priced, over sized dinosaur boxes that are permanent fixtures on your truck.

Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover by Bak Industries

The all-new and improved Revolver X2 is a hard rolling tonneau cover that offers tough security, ingenious mechanical locking rails, and a flush “no profile” design.
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