BEDNET Cargo Restraint System

BEDNET truck bed and cargo nets. Jeep baja nets.   

There's nothing like the all-new patented BEDNET cargo restraint system offering unmatched features that make hauling any size load safer and easier.  BEDNET truck bed net looks great, accentuating the style of any pickup truck.  BEDNET comes in three sizes to fit most every truck and comes packaged in it's own hard shell storage case.  BEDNET is tough and will provide years of use. Cargo Utility Nets and Interior Cargo Restraint Systems also available.
Makes hauling any load safer and easier
DOT and NACSS Compliant
Truck Bed Cargo Net


BEDNET Cargo Restraint Systems offer the most efficient and effective way to contain cargo for light trucks
and utility vehicles.  These products are designed for ease of use to avoid lack of use.  They are like seatbelts
for your cargo.  Your organization can lower costs, increase driver productivity, promote safety and lower liability.
Bednet Truck Cargo Net

Part #

BEDNET Application



85 1/4 X 63 1/4

BEDNET- Long Bed Truck Black with carry case


65 1/4 X 64 1/2

BEDNET – Short Bed Truck

Black with carry case


64 1/2 X 56

BEDNET – Compact Truck

Black with carry case



The BEDNET Utility Net
High quality commercial grade cargo restraint at a mid-level price

BedNet Utility Cargo Net

The BedNet Universal Utility Net is a 6' x 7' net made from the same seatbelt webbing as the Original BEDNET.  Lots of big brass grommet anchor points allow you to use just the right amount of net. 

Dimensions:  6' x 7' for fullsize shortbed and compact pickups.

2" high strength polyester webbing with UV protectors.

Reinforced sewing with industrial polyester thread.

Large brass rolled-ridge grommets strategically placed for convenient securing.

Fastens with your own tie-downs, hooks, or stretch cords.

Attaches in your truck's stake pockets, to anchor points, or to hooks inside the bed - virtually anywhere you want!


Utility Net –
One Size (6’x7’)
Color is Dark Gray



The BEDNET Compact Utility Net

Compact Utility Cargo Net
The BEDNET Compact Utility Net

This 33" x 24" net manages cargo in the back of SUV's, PTV's and UTV's and is made with high strength polyester webbing with heavy-duty brass grommets throughout the net for a variety of applications.  It's the perfect size to secure cargo on an ATV or motorcycle, in the cargo area of an SUV or small trailer, or it can even be used on a luggage rack.  The Compact Utility Net includes four elastic shock cord tie-downs which are easily adjustable making this product extremely versatile.


Compact Utility Net
33" x 24"



The BEDNET Interior Cargo Restraint System

Interior Cargo Restraint System
The BEDNET Interior Cargo Restraint System
This premium net keeps the stuff in the back seat out of the front seat so you can concentrate on driving.  It installs easly into the seat bottoms and adjust simply by clipping the carabineers into the grommets.  We put lots of grommets in lots of places for a variety of uses. 

One size - 39" x 60" - Works for any truck. 

2 carabineers, 2 cam straps and a fancy carry case are included.


BedNet Interior Cargo Restraint System
39" x 60"
with carry case



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