Cargo Safety Web and Gladiator Net Vehicle Fit Chart

Cargo SafetyWeb & Cargo Net Vehicle Application Chart










Extra Large

Chevy compact short



Chevy compact long




Chevy full size short




Chevy full size long




Dodge compact short



Dodge compact long




Dodge full size short




Dodge full size long




Ford compact short




Ford compact long




Ford full size short




Ford full size long




GMC compact short



GMC compact long




GMC full size short




GMC full size long




Isuzu compact short



Isuzu compact long




Mazda compact short



Mazda compact long




Mitsubishi compact short



Mitsubishi compact long




Nissan compact short




Nissan compact long



Nissan full sizes short




Nissan full sizes long




Toyota compact short




Toyota compact long



Toyota full sizes short




Toyota full sizes long




Utility trailers

Large luggage racks


Lumber rack / up & over



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