ReNu It Bed Liner Paint On Restorer Frequently Asked Questions
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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about ReNu Liner
How difficult is it to apply ReNu It?
ReNu It is very user friendly and easy to apply in a 3-step application. No mixing is required. Our online instruction gives more information on how to apply ReNu It.

What surfaces can ReNu It be used on?
ReNu It is proven to professionally restore the shine of spray-on bedliners, drop-in bedliners, black bumpers, all black plastic, black vinyl covers and black rubber trim.

Are there surfaces I cannot use ReNu It on?
Do not apply to tires, truck beds that do not have a spray-on bedliner or drop-in liner.

What size bottles are available?
ReNu It comes in a 16oz bottle and includes a sponge applicator.

What are the ingredients in ReNu It?
ReNu It is environmentally friendly. It is equal to spray-on bedliner material.

How can I effectively apply product without streaks?
ReNu It should be applied with even strokes in a shaded area since direct sunlight will accelerate the setting process. This could result in the need of purchasing an additional bottle to cover the entire surface.

How many coats does it take to restore the shine?
Depending on the condition of the truck bed, one coat of ReNu It should be enough to restore the shine.

What happens if I get the product on my vehicles painted surface?
Use a soft cloth with mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol to clean area. Note: test cleaning solution on a small non-visible area of painted surface before cleaning visible areas.

How long does the shine last?
This product is guaranteed to work up to 12 months and is UV stable.

Does the product wash off of hands?
Use mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol to clean hands. It is recommended to wear plastic gloves while applying product.

Does the product come in different colors?
ReNu It only comes in black.

Can I re-apply product after 12 months?
Yes, ReNu It can be re-applied

Is one bottle enough to cover a truck bedliner?
Yes, a 16oz bottle, if applied as instructed, is enough to coat a standard size truck bedliner.

Can I use a different applicator other than enclosed sponge?
Yes, but the applicator needs to be a heavy duty, non-abrasive and must be suitable for use with this type of application.



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