Truck Bed Liner, Bumper, and Plastic Restoration

The permanent solution to faded black surfaces such as bumpers and spray-in or drop-in bed liners.

ReNu It is a black dying gel with UV stabilizers to keep the deep luster of the restored surface for up to 12 months. What makes this product a cut above the rest is the UV stabilizer and its non-water based formula.
Restores Plastic Surfaces Truck Bed Liner Restoration
 Rubber Trim
 Black Plastic
 Spray-On Bed Liners
 Drop-In Bed Liners

Restore Door Trim
Restore faded plastic and spray-on bed liners, without leaving any slick residue.
Restore Plastic Liner
What is ReNu It?
ReNu It is a revolutionary new do-it-yourself wipe-on product that will restore the shine to a faded spray-in bedliner, drop-in bedliner, black bumper, all black plastic, black vinyl cover and black rubber trim.

This product is state of the art, UV stable and the only one of its kind to be sold in selected stores for a reasonable price.

ReNu Liner offers a 30-day money back guaranty, just return unused portion of  ReNu It with explanation for reason of return.

ReNu It includes a sponge applicator and full instructions to apply product.

Application Tips
Do not apply in direct sunlight.
When applying to smooth surfaces, wet sponge and ring out excess water before applying.
Mask off surrounding painted surfaces.
To clean surfaces exposed unintentionally to product use an alcohol based cleaner or household rubbing alcohol.

ReNu It FAQ's


16oz bottle plus applicator
One bottle contains enough product to restore 1 regular size bedliner.
ReNu it Bottle
A Few Recommendations:
Shake bottle well prior to use. 
Wear disposable gloves while handling product. 
Do not apply in direct sunlight.
Step 1.

Clean and dry surface thoroughly. 

Mask off surrounding surfaces not intended to be restored, such as painted surfaces.


Instructions Step 1
Step 2.

Vinyl gloves should be worn while handling this product. Moisten sponge applicator before applying gel to sponge. Spread an even coat of ReNu It over entire surface. 
Do not apply in direct sunlight.


Step 3.  

Allow 30 minutes to dry.


Clean Up: 
Use an alcohol based cleaner such as rubbing alcohol.
16oz bottle plus applicator
One bottle contains enough product to restore 1 regular size bedliner.
ReNu it Bottle


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