Al's Liner DIY Spray In Bed Liner Kit Frequently Asked Questions


What is Al's Liner?
Al's Liner is a high build (1/32" to 1/8") polyurethane coating. It is engineered to take high levels of abuse, unlike paints that are just pretty.
What is the difference between Al's Liner and other DIY Kits?
Al's Liner is vastly superior to all DIY Kits in critical areas such as tensile strength, UV stability, and tear strength. It is not cheap epoxy or polyurethane with filler and solvents added to reduce cost.
How does Al's Liner compare to the big name, franchise liners?
With a few exceptions, Al's Liner represents a new generation of polyurethane linings. Most of the big name franchise liners use very old and out of date technologies. Al's Liner is more UV stable and tougher than Rhino, Line X and blows the doors off the liners like Reflex, Armor thane, etc. Since you control the application it's very probable that no one, even the pros, can match your Al's Liner application.
Is Al's Liner hazardous?
Al's Liner was engineered to be very safe to use. There not a safer coating on the market, but you must be responsible and avoid prolonged skin contact or inhalation. Your lungs were designed for clean air, not dust, smoke or chemicals. Spraying in a well ventilated room and wearing a good 1/2 face respirator with chemical cartridges is a wonderful start.
What will I need to spray Al's Liner?
It could be sprayed with a number of guns, but we recommend using the Al's Liner Spray Gun. It's very inexpensive and requires no maintenance. It will last forever and was designed by Al's to give you great results.  
What can I spray Al's Liner on?
Anything but hard plastic. Al's Liner works great on wood, fibreglass, and metal. Some surfaces may require scuffing and priming.
What colors are available for Al's Liner and can I match Al's Liner to any color I want?
Al's Liner is available in Black, Gray, and Light Tan. You can use any automotive pigment including pearls or metal flakes to match any color. Call our technical support team to discuss custom colors.
How durable is Al's Liner?
There is no coating that is more durable. There never has been and probably never will be. Al's Liner is the top of the food chain when it comes to spray-on polyurethane linings
Is Al's a rust protector and/or does it prevent rust?
Al's Liner bonds directly to the substrate so no moisture or air can get in. If it rusts, it will have to come from the backside. Al's Liner is a little over qualified as an undercoating. No undercoating or rust prohibitor has the physical properties of Al's. They are not intended to have good physical properties.
How long before I can use my new liner?
Al's Liner is dry to the touch in 1 hour. Light duty use in 24 hours and heavy abuse in 72 hours.
Does Al's Liner have a warranty?
We warranty Al's Liner to not deteriorate or degrade in any way. The warranty does not cover physical damage and the application is up to you. If you do not mix it properly or prep the surface correctly, that falls under the applicator. Be sure to read the mix and spray instructions carefully.
How do I prepare the surface to spray?
Wood requires no preparation. Fiberglass and metal need to be scuffed with 36 grit or coarser medium. Sand blasting will give you a great surface. Wipe clean with a good solvent to eliminate surface contamination.
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Can I repair my liner if it gets damaged? If so, how would I go about it?
Al's Liner bonds very well to itself. Minor damage can be repaired with a brush. Major damage will probably need to be sprayed. Al's can also be used to repair other bed liners or as a top coat to extend and save your existing bed liner.
How many square feet does Al's Liner cover, and how deep would it be?
It's simple arithmetic. Al's is 85% solids so it will cover 22 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/16" thick, 44 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/32" thick (31 mils) or 88 sq ft. If you want more coverage, you will sacrifice protection.
Can I mix sand into AL's Liner for more of a non skid surface?
Yes, but you might sacrifice toughness. Since Al's Liner is stronger than sand, consider changing spray techniques to obtain a rougher surface. Our tech support will be more than happy to help.
Can Al's Liner be painted over?
Yes. Use a polyurethane paint for best results.
Will Al's Liner hold up against gasoline, diesel fuel, or other petroleum based products (such as motor oil)?
There is no better polyurethane against petroleum. The only time there is an issue is if you know the products will pool and set on the liner for long periods of time. If pooling is going to take place, you are better off with an epoxy coating.
What about bare metal, how do you prep it?
Scuff the metal with 36 grit or coarser media and/or blast then apply a light coat of etching primer. Spray on a light coat of Al's primer and spray

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