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Al's Liner is a premium grade, affordable truck bed liner kit for the do-it-yourself user. Within a short period of time, you can apply a professional grade protective liner on vehicles, shop equipment and tools, landscaping, decks and patios or just about anything you want. We have techniques and additives that make Al's the most customizable protective coating available. Al's truck bed liner kits are easy to use and will give your bed liner the protection that will look great for years to come.


  • Easy, 4 Step Process: The Al's Liner system offers an easy 4 step process which makes it the best do it yourself spray on liner out there. It provides better bonding properties than any other product to ensure long life and durability.
  • Heavy Duty Protection: Al's Liner spray in bedliners feature a 3 part urethane/acrylic coating system that offers unmatched protection. It's unique composition offers unmatched protection and durability, yet is pliable enough to prevent chips and gouges.
  • Spray Any Color: Users can select from 3 pre-packaged colors (black, grey, or tan) or any custom color can be blended in for a unique look.
  • Choose Your Thickness & Texture: The Al's Liner coating is a 3 part composite system, unlike many of the competitors reduced DIY systems. Al's Liner allows you to spray as thick or thin of a coating as you desire for maximum protection and the desired texture to allow for plenty of traction.
  • Spray It Anywhere: You can spray Al's Liner system with ease most anywhere you need protection. It can adhered to steel, wood, and fiberglass with the proper preparation steps making it versatile and convenient.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Al's Liner composites are backed by a manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty which guarantees the performance of your bed liner.

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Al's is 85% solids so one kit it will cover 22 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/16" thick, 44 sq ft. Per gallon at 1/32" thick (31 mils) or 88 sq ft. at 20-25 mil thick.

Al's liner is a 3 part blended polyurethane bed liner kit.
Each kit comes with everything you need to get great results.

Kit Contents:

  • 70 oz. Component A
  • 28 oz. Component B
  • 28 oz. Component C
  • 6 oz. Primer & Sprayer
  • 4 oz. Color (Black, Grey or Tan)
  • Mixing Paddle

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Kits Available in Black, Grey or Tan
Spray Gun Sold Separately
Al's DIY Kit Black
Al's DIY Kit Grey
Al's DIY Kit Tan

Al's Spray Gun includes the specialized tip and trigger control for various applications and allows the user to vary the texture and pattern by adjusting trigger pull and air pressure verses the standard undercoating gun. Also includes a 1.50 gallon half lid hopper. Great for use with other materials as well

Al's Spray Gun and Hopper

Bed Liner Rubber Crumb

Al's Liner Rubber Crumb Additive
Alís Liner Rubber Crumb is an excellent option for floor coatings where water can be present and you need extreme non-skid properties. We chose ground rubber for two reasons. It is lighter than a sand or quartz mix and stays suspended in the bed liner to prevent you from having to constantly mix the bed liner during the application process. The second is the fact that sand and quartz can be very abrasive. If you use it on a boat deck or even trailer floor where you will be on bare feet or knees, sand and quartz will take the skin right off. Our rubber crumb is a soft material and will not abrade your skin upon contact. We also like the fact that we use recycled tires.

Non Skid Additive

  • Stretches Square Footage of material
  • Non-abrasive to skin and contact
  • Perfect for flooring or users interested in aggressive textures
  • Another environmentally friendy product, recycled tires!!
  • Includes 1 Quart
  • Must Be Applied with Al's Liner Protective Coating

Al's Liner Rubber Crumb Additive



Before and After

Al's Liner Vinyl Flattener Additive

Alís Liner Vinyl Flattener is one our most exciting additives due to the multitude of uses. Vinyl Flattener can be used to achieve semi-gloss and matte finishes. It's great for guys who need a non-reflective coating or an option for our  customers looking for that matte finish for under coatings etc. The biggest advantage to our our Vinyl Flattener additive is the ability to increase the hardness of our bed liner. The natural urethane/acrylic combination offers a more rubberized coating which provide extreme non-skid properties but is pliable if applied too thick. The natural material offers a Shore Hardness of 82 Points Type A. With a full batch of Vinyl Flattener (1 quart per gallon of Al's), you will see an increase to a 92 Point Type A Shore Hardness. This allows us to duplicate the appearance and hardness of polyurea bed liners on the market.

  • Semi Gloss Finish
  • Matte or Flat Finish
  • Great for Hot Rodders
  • Used on exterior applications where gloss is too reflective

Al's Liner Vinyl Flattener Additive




Al's HNR Heat and Noise Reducer

Alís HNR is an inexpensive way to drastically reduce heat and noise transfer.  Our special blend of ceramic microspheres creates a coating that will withstand incredible amounts of heat and also provide some noise reduction.  Light weight and easily top coated, HNR makes and excellent base coat for Al's Liner on interior automotive applications.  Easy to apply and environmentally safe, Al's HNR can offer automotive enthusiasts of all kinds a simple solution to an on-going problem.

  • Easily finished and top coated
  • Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Great for Hot Rodders
  • Excellent base coat for Al's Liner, perfect for hot rods and jeep tubs

Al's HNR Heat and Noise Reducer


Al's Liner Cup Brush
Al's Liner Cup Brush is a professional series abrasive nylon bristle cup brush. It is made up of tough nylon bristles that does a fantastic job sanding, scuffing, and blending surfaces. It attaches to a pneumatic rotary tool and allows you to speed up the sanding time on your next project. You will quickly scuff up the surface area that you will spray. This cup brush will last for several projects and is handy in other applications as well.

  • Abrasive Nylon Filament Cup Brush
  • 4" or 6" Diameters
  • 5/8" Arbor
  • Long Lasting

Al's Liner Cup Brush
ALS-4CB - 4" Cup Brush - $23.95
ALS-6CB - 6" Cup Brush - $31.10

Al's Roller/ Brush Kit
Al's Roller/Brush kit gives you the ability to apply Al's Liner without having to spray it.  The kit includes one three inch brush, two four inch rollers and arm and one paint tray.  With the shed resistant woven rollers, you can apply up to a 15mil or 1/64th of an inch coating in one pass, however two coats are recommended.  Great for tight area application, interior sound deadening application and even for truck beds.  Provides a standard orange peel texture commonly seen in roll on bed liners.  Can also be used with Al's Rubber Crumb.


  • One 3" Brush
  • Two 4" Shed Resistant Roller Pads and Application Arm
  • Paint Tray
  • Apply at any thickness, just requires multiple coats.

Al's Roller/ Brush Kit
ALS-RK4 - Roller/Brush Kit - $18.95


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