Cargo Rack Straps

Universal Fit Cargo Rack Strap
Fits Square or Round Cargo Rack Tubing 

New Cargo Rack Straps from ProGrip! 

Secure your Ladders, Pipe, Lumber to your truck rack

The ProGrip Cargo Rack Strap takes only seconds to secure your load. 

Just wrap the polyester strap around the bundle, hook the strap in place,
and use the built-in ratchet to apply the desired tension for a secure overhead load.

The Cargo Rack Strap provides you peace of mind that your load is secure!



  • 8 ft. x 1-1/2 in.
  • Zinc Plated or Black Powder Coated Assembly
  • Zinc Plated Double-J Hook
  • Yellow Polyester Webbing
  • 2 Built-in attachment points
  • Large Release Lever
  • Adjustable D-Ring
  • Break Strength: 1,500 lbs
  • Working Load Limit: 500 lbs

Variety of tensioning methods:
3/8" Drive Socket Wrench
5/16" Diameter Rod
3/4" Wrench


Round tubing adapter is built into the packaging.  Snap off the top and bottom portions of the package and retain the round tubing adapter to aid in mounting on your cargo rack.



P/N 902500 - Zinc Cargo Strap $36.99


P/N 198010 - Black Cargo Strap $36.99
198010 on backorder until mid November 2017



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