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loading zone cargo gate Loading Zone Original Cargo Gate
From only $99.00
Truck Bed Extender HD MAX by Amp Research
Available in Black or Silver Finish
CLASSIC U-SHAPE DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM CARGO CAPACITY. Flip it out with the tailgate open to gain up to 2-feet of enclosed cargo area. Flip it inside and close the tailgate to keep tools and smaller cargo contained in the truck bed.
Bed extender HD Max
Truck Bed Extender HD  

Truck Bed Extender HD Sport
by Amp Research


  • Get more useful cargo length from your truck bed
  • Made of strong aircraft aluminum
  • Proven style is very lightweight
  • Drop your tailgate down and flip the Bed ExTender™ out for added length
  • Close your tailgate and flip the Bed Extender forward for a cargo gate
  • Bed Extender Cargo Gate
Truck Bed Expander

by Top Line

Top Line’s Fold-Down Bed Expander (Truck Bed Extender) lengthens the bed of your truck by more than 10 sq ft, folds down to only five inches wide against the tailgate when not in use and will mount to any pickup truck tailgate.

Available in anodized silver or black powder coat finish. Works with tonneau covers and bed caps.

Fits all full-size, mid-size or compact pickup trucks.

Folds flat on tailgate
when not in use

Compact Truck Bed Extenders Motoxtender Bed Extender for Compact Short Bed Trucks 

AMP Research has the answer for hauling motorcycles and ATVs securely with no hassle. The distinctive slant-back design with the MOTOXTENDER offers the extra room required to allow truck owners to transport two full size motorcycles inside a compact, bed.

Cargo Net Tailgate Net
Moto Gate Flexible Tailgate Bed Extender Cargo Net
Two sizes!  Full size and Mini!
The Moto Gate differs from other truck bed extenders and load restrainers on the market.
It conforms to materials being transported in the truck beds, vans, cars and SUV's providing a sense of safety, security and confidence to the driver.

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