Custom Floor Mats

Perfect Fitting Custom Floor Mats

 Most new vehicles include Custom Floor Mats from the factory, matching the vehicle's original carpet color and a perfect fit for the floorboard. Unfortunately, factory original floor mats often wear out in a short time, and are prone to permanent discoloration from dirt and mud.

Coverking has a two product solution - Replacement Custom Floor Mats and Custom Clear Floor Mats, designed to protect factory original mats or the original floor carpet.

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Because this is a custom item, lead time is approximately 10-15 business days
and cannot be returned for credit or exchange unless there is a manufacturer defect.

What's Important in Custom Floor Mats?

Coverking Custom Floor Mats are much more than simple carpet cut to fit a vehicle's foot well. Design is critical, an improper design may result in the floor mat creeping into the path of the accelerator or brake. Material is important to the life of the product, as well as the resistance of the Floor Mat to dirt and mud. Construction of the mat, especially the backing, is vital to prevent the mat from sliding. In addition, a customer of Custom Floormat would be wise to consider the policies of the retailer, including returns, pricing and order follow up.


Custom Floormat StylesCoverking Custom Floor Mats are offered in several configurations - set of 2 (A), set of 4(B), a single strip for the rear of trucks(C), 2 strips for the rear of SUVs(D), 2 special configurations for minivans(E & F), and a single mat for rear Cargo areas(K).  All Coverking Custom Floor Mat patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle foot well. using sophisticated software. The process of making a Custom Floor Mat pattern can take several hours, but results in complete protection of the foot well. - often better than the factory floor mat.

Coverking offers only premium grade carpet on it's line of Custom Floor Mats,
and also a line of clear vinyl Protector Mats.

Premium Grade Carpet
2 piece sets from $99.69
4 piece sets from $139.56
Single Strip rear $79.75

Coverking Custom Floor Mats are made from 28 ounce high density Nylon Carpet with stain and wear resistance agents added to the carpet fiber. In addition to heavy weight nylon carpeting, Coverking uses a thick nibbed backing which prevents the mats from slipping. Nibbed backing is more effective in preventing slipping than foam backed mats, which can slide.

Clear Vinyl
2 piece sets from $40.08
4 piece sets from $ 56.69

Single Strip rear $29.69

To keep original factory mats in clean, new condition, Coverking offers Custom Floor Mats cut from Clear Vinyl - the perfect way to prevent rain, mud and snow from affecting the original factory floor mat, while allowing the original color and logo to show through. These mats use the same patterns as Coverking Custom Floor Mats, offering complete protection of the vehicle floorboard. The Clear Vinyl material has nibbed bottom to prevent slipping. They can be used on top of Custom Floor Mats or in place of floor mats.
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