Under Seat Storage for Chevy/GMC Trucks

Products come with a 30 day money back guarantee
and limited lifetime warranty.

Fits Chevrolet and GMC 1500 Crew Cab 2014-Current
Chevrolet and GMC 2500/3500 Crew Cab 2015-Current

Underseat storage chevy crew cab
The DU-HA for Chevy/GMC Crew Cab (new body style) trucks is designed to fit underneath your pre-existing back seat. It's constructed from heavy duty polyethylene and comes with a lifetime warranty. This model also acts as a legal gun case in most states and will hold up to 2 shotguns or rifles, 1 with scope. Scroll down for more photos and information on this DU-HA.

Seat shown in latched up position. Seat shown latched down. Seat shown with DU-HA installed.
Seats shown in latched up position.
Seats shown in latched
down position.

Seats shown with
DU-HA with no dividers can store larger items.
DU-HA wth one divider
DU-HA with both dividers

DU-HA with no dividers can
store larger items.

DU-HA with one divider
makes it very universal.

DU-HA shown with both
DU-HA w/dividers & gun racks
Holds 3 guns, 1 with scope.
Comes in Light Gray, Dark Gray, & Tan
The DU-HA also comes with a
2-piece organizer/gun rack set that is made of soft material so it won't damage guns.

This DU-HA holds 3 rifles or shotguns, 1 with scope and acts as a legal gun case in most states with seat latched down.

Comes in 4 matching interior colors: Jet Black, Ash/Gray, Cocoa Dune/Tan, Saddle/Brown

Saddle/Brown is recommended for High Country models.

Perfect for the sportsman.
& have it look like this!
This DU-HA is held in place using straps
Perfect for the sportsman.
Take all this...
...and have it look like this!
Keep your hunting supplies safely hidden out of sight under your back seat.

Straps fasten to the seat belt brackets to secure in place.

Dividers and gun racks are removable
Assembles in seconds!
DU-HA divides into compartments
Comes with dividers and organizer/gun rack.
Picture shows removable parts.
Dividers and gun rack
assemble in seconds!
The DU-HA divides into separate storage compartments with the standard organizer/gun rack and dividers in place.

Perfect for the contractor.
...have it look like this!
Perfect for the contractor.
Don't let your backseat look
like this...
...have it look like this!
No more items taking up floor
and seating space. For added storage, place items securely on shelf behind the DU-HA.
DU-HA Unit


Silverado 1500
and GMC Sierra 1500


Silverado 2500/3500
and GMC Sierra 2500/3500

Dark Gray aka Ebony Light Gray aka Light Titanium Tan aka Light Cashmere saddle / brown

Color Part #
Jet Black 10300
Ash/Gray 10301
Cocoa Dune/Tan 10302
Saddle/Brown 10303
*10303 recommended with High Country.

All Models $179.95

Jet Black
Ash Gray
Cocoa Dune/Tan

Includes 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
Dimensions: L
58 x W 15.5 x H 9.5
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