Underseat Storage for Dodge Products

Fits Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cabs / Crew Cabs - 2002 to Current
& Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500 Quad Cabs / Crew Cabs- 2003 to Current

Does not fit the 2006 Dodge Mega Cab
Does not fit the 2009 Dodge 1500 Crew Cab

Products come with a 30 day money back guarantee
and limited lifetime warranty.

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DU-HA shown in taupe.
DU-HA shown with seats
in the up position.
Seats shown with DU-HA installed.

Seats shown in down position
with the DU-HA installed.
Flat folding floor trays must be removed to install the DU-HA.
Can be interchanged if needed.


Flat folding floor trays take up valuable storage space.
Seat shown with floor trays under the seat. Remove these trays & finish off your half finished storage area.
The DU-HA is perfect
for the contractor.
Don't let your backseat
look like this!
Factory floor trays won't allow
seat to fully close if you have overflowing items under the seat.
Keep your tools organized inside the DU-HA. Adds much needed extra organized space. Also allows articles to sit on back ledge.
Once floor trays are removed you have the perfect amount of space to install your DU-HA.
Perfect for the sportsman.
Take all this...
...and have it look like this.
Safely store your guns and
ammo under your back seat.
DU-HA 2-piece STANDARD organizer/gun rack is made of soft material so it doesn't damage guns.
Holds 2 guns, one with scope.
Acts as a legal gun case in most states with seats folded down.
Comes in 2 matching interior colors: graphite & taupe. It's best to match colors to your carpet.
Comes with gun rack.
Picture shows removable parts.

Picture shows removable parts
Replace existing plastic push
pin with the bolt included in
DU-HA package.
Bolt holds DU-HA
securely in place.

DU-HA Unit

All Models $179.95
Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab/Crew Cab
2002 to Current
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Quad Cab/Crew Cab

2003 to Current

Graphite 30017
 (Dark Gray)
Dark Brown
 Khaki 30019

Does not Fit Dodge Mega Cab
Does not fit with factory navigation system
Does not if with factory subwoofer unless subwoofer is removed

Metal factory trays/lid system under the seat will need to be removed to install the DuHa. 
These can be interchanged if needed.


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