DiamondBack ATV Solutions
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Diamondback ATV

Rear Loading Packages
Pull your machine up from the back of the truck. Rear loading packages include rear cab guard protection.

Side Loading Packages - Side Loading is the only way to carry two machines. If you plan on towing, you can load and unload your ATVs without unhitching, or load one machine and maintain the ability to open a cover panel.


DiamondBack Cab Guards


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Contractor Series

Truck Tonneau Cover


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Diamond Back HD
Truck Tonneau Cover!

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Diamond Back SE Series
Truck Bed Tonneau Cover!

Hauling Capacity
The NEW DiamondBack SE is not just about looks – the cover can also support up to 400 lbs. on top!


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Introducing the DiamondBack-X

For years DiamondBack has been the trusted name in covers “As Tough As Your Truck.” The DiamondBack HD and SE Covers created the market of top hauling truck covers allowing you to use your truck like never before. Now DiamondBack is partnering with another name trusted for their tough product – LINE-X® – to bring a bold new look to the DiamondBack product line.

Introducing the new DiamondBack-X Covers. DiamondBack HD and SE Covers coated with black LINE-X Premium Protective Coating.

Black Line-X coating available at checkout on all DiamondBack  Truck Covers