DiamondBack Truck Tonneau Cover Heavy Duty Cab Guard

Heavy Duty Cab Guard

  • 1/8” aluminum tread plate gussets
  • 6063 aluminum square tube frame
  • Expanded aluminum body and stainless hardware
  • Brake light opening

Dimensions: Model-specific width and height

Capacity: 200 lbs.



Rugged Look

Diamond plate aluminum sides and expanded grating combine to produce a bold, unique look.

Superior Protection

The HD Cab Guard covers the entire rear window while maintaining driver visibility through the expanded metal screen.

Smart Design

The HD Cab Guard attaches to the DiamondBack Truck Cover and hinges up with cover allowing full access

All Models - $349.00
Rugged Black Coating available at checkout for an
additional $100.00 on all DiamondBack Cab Guards

We are proud to offer the lowest price allowed on all Diamond Back Products
Due to the manufacturer's MAP pricing policy, no further discounts will be honored

Truck model Year  Bed Length Order Number   
 Model #(Bed Size)
FORD              All Models - $349.00
Ranger Reg Cab or Extended Cab  94-2012 Short FR94(S)-HDCG
Ranger Reg Cab  94-2012 Long FR94(L)-HDCG
F-Series Super Duty  2017-Current Short FS17(S)-HDCG
F-Series Super Duty  2017-Current Long FS17(L)-HDCG
F-Series Super Duty  2008-2016 Short FS08(S)-HDCG
F-Series Super Duty  2008-2016 Long FS08(L)-HDCG
F-Series Super Duty  99-2007 Short FS99(S)-HDCG
F-Series Super Duty  99-2007 Long FS99(L)-HDCG
F-150 97-03 Short FF97(S)-HDCG
F-150  97-03 Long FF97(L)-HDCG
F-1 50 SuperCrew 01-'03 Short 5.5' FF01 (C)-HDCG
F-Series (also '97 F-250 or F-350) 87-96 Short FF87(S)-HDCG
F-Series (also '97 F-250 or F-350) 87-96 Long FF87(L)-HDCG
Flare Side  04-2008 Short F04(FS)-HDCG
F-150 Crew Cab 04-2008 Short 5.5' FF04(C)-HDCG
F-150  04-2008 Short FF04(S)-HDCG
F-150  04-2008 Long FF04(L)-HDCG
Flare Side  2009-2015 Short F09(FS)-HDCG
F-150 Crew Cab 2009-2015 Short 5.5' FF09(C)-HDCG
F-150  2009-2015 Short FF09(S)-HDCG
F-150  2009-2015 Long FF09(L)-HDCG
F-150 Crew Cab 2015-Current Short 5.5' FF15(C)-HDCG
F-150  2015-Current Short FF15(S)-HDCG
F-150  2015-Current Long FF15(L)-HDCG
CHEVY/GMC         All Models - $349.00
Silverado/Sierra 1500  2014-Current 6.5' Bed GS14(S)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra 1500 2014-Current 8' Bed GS14(L)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 1500  2014-Current 5.5' Bed GS14(C)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500  2015-Current 6.5' Bed GS14(S)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 2015-Current 8' Bed GS14(L)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra 1500 2007-2013
Not 2007 Classic
6.5' Bed GS07(S)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra  1500 2007-2013
Not 2007 Classic
8' Bed GS07(L)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 1500  2007-2013
Not 2007 Classic
5.5' Bed GS07(C)-HDCG
2500HD, 3500 HD 
Not 2007 Classic
6.5' Bed GS07(S)-HDCG
2500HD, 3500 HD
Not 2007 Classic
8' Bed GS07(L)-HDCG
1500, 2500HD, 3500 HD 
and 2007 Classic
6.5' Bed GS99(S)-HDCG
1500, 2500HD, 3500 HD
and 2007 Classic
8' Bed GS99(L)-HDCG
Silverado/Sierra Crew Cab 1500  99-2006
and 2007 Classic
5.5' Bed GS99(C)-HDCG
Full-Size (All) 88-98 Short GS88(S)-HDCG
Full-Size (All)  88-98 Long GS88(L)-HDCG
Colorado/Canyon 2015-Current 5' Bed GC15(C)-HDCG
Colorado/Canyon 2015-Current 6' Bed GC15(S)-HDCG
DODGE       All Models - $349.00
Dodge Ram Reg/ExtCab  94-01 Short DR94(S)-HDCG
Dodge Ram Reg/ExtCab  94-01 Long DR94(L)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 1500 02-2008 Short DR02(S)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 1500 02-2008 Long DR02(L)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 1500 2009-Current XSB 5'7"bed DR09(C)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 1500 2009-Current Short DR09(S)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 1500 2009-Current Long DR09(L)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-Current Short DR09(S)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 2010-Current Long DR09(L)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 03-2009 Short DR02(S)-HDCG
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 03-2009 Long DR02(L)-HDCG
TOYOTA         All Models - $349.00
Toyota Tacoma 2016-Current Short 5' TA16(C)-HDCG
Toyota Tacoma 2016-Current Short 6.5' TA16(S)-HDCG
ToyotA Tacoma Double Cab
05-2015 Short 5' TA05(C)-HDCG
Toyota Tacoma Reg Bed/Ext Cab/Double Cab 4x4 05-2015 Short 6.5' TA05(S)-HDCG
Toyota Tundra Regular/Double Cab 2007-2013 Long TU07(L)-HDCG
Toyota Tundra Regular/Double Cab 2007-2013 Short TU07(S)-HDCG
Toyota Tundra Crew Max 2007-2013 Short 5.5' TU07(C)-HDCG
Toyota Tundra Regular/Double Cab 2014-Current Long TU14(L)-HDCG
Toyota Tundra Regular/Double Cab 2014-Current Short TU14(S)-HDCG
Toyota Tundra Crew Max 2014-Current Short 5.5' TU14(C)-HDCG
NISSAN       All Models - $349.00
Nissan Frontier King Cab/Crew Cab Long 05-Current 6.5' NF05M(S)-HDCG
Nissan Frontier Crew Cab  05-Current Short 4.5' NF05M(C)-HDCG
Nissan Titan King Cab 04-2015 Short NT04(S)-HDCG
Nissan Titan Crew Cab 04-2015 Short 5.5' NT04(C)-HDCG
Nissan Titan 2016-Current Short 5.5' NT16(C)-HDCG
Nissan Titan 2016-Current Short 6.5' NT16(S)-HDCG
Nissan Titan 2016-Current Long 8' NT16(L)-HDCG

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