Tool Box Tonno Covers by Extang

Tool Box Tonno: Perfect fit to your tool box  
 The Extang Warranty: 10 Year Tarp, Lifetime FrameTool Box Tonno: Perfect fit to your tool box
No drilling. No Damge to Truck. saves Gas. Will Pay for Itself! All Season Design
Add A Tonno to Your Toolbox
Classic Platinum ToolBox
Obtain a perfect fit with Extang’s new sealing system and self- draining L-Channel™
Perfect Fit and Weather Tuff
  • A great solution for truck owners who previously own a tool box, no matter what brand.
  • Tool Box Tonno system fits most standard tool box sizes.
  • Simple D.I.Y. measurements required for a perfect custom fit.
  • Extang engineered black anodized L-Channel™ offers several benefits: easily bridges the tool box-to-tonno gap for a perfect fit, visually blends that gap for great looks, allows an adjustable sealing system, provides rain drainage.
  • Custom-Cut available for non-standard size tool boxes.
  • It is a tool box sized version of our top selling Classic Platinum™ Tonno with all it’s metal components for a long durable life.
  • The Best Warranty: Lifetime Frame and 10 Year Tarp!

All Models $345.00 

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Extang: America's number one selling truck bed covers
Standard & Custom Sizes: Toolbox Tonno Same features as Extang's best selling all-weatherPlatinum Platinum Toolbox version
The Extang Warranty: 10 year tarp, lifetime frame

Snaps are your tonno’s most important part

photo of Max Snap


Fiberglass reinforced nylon formula makes the BlackMax’s snaps strong and durable. Tested and proven under intense usage for years in the lab and field. Extang’s patented “MAXSNAPS™” will not break.

Corners securely attach

ClickLock Corner Systems

An easy pull disengages your tail rail for bulk hauling. To resecure: slide and click, your tail rail is locked in place. You’ll be impressed with CLICKLOCK’s high quality spring loaded stainless steel ball bearings that click into place with such a satisfying feel.

Quicker installation

photo of TuffKlamps TuffKlamps

Our TUFFKLAMPS™ simply drop into the rail channels (works well with bed liners). Easy on. Clamps tight.

Bows will never fall off

diagram of Monster Bows

The MONSTER BOWS™ ends are spring loaded for easy installation. They will never fall off at any speed or even with the roughest driving conditions. Simply push and hold on one end and let the other end slide on using the spring action. They are Extang engineered for simplicity, speed of install and everyday convenience and confidence.


Custom-Cut tonno orders

It’s easy to get a custom made fit. Ask your dealer for a “custom-cut measuring directions form” or call Extang at 800-877-2588. CUSTOM CUT ORDERS ARE NON REFUNDABLE

Tarps designed for strength & good looks

Corners don’t buckle up due to parachute grade nylon corner reinforcements.Photo of reinforced corner Snaps & corners are backed with thick polymer forcing the corners and edges to lie smooth and look good in any weather. The thick polymer edging also keeps your snaps from ripping out!

photo of SnapStopper


Extang’s SNAPSTOPPER™ is a small detail that means a lot. Roll up your tarp, carry a large load and the snaps will stay on the rail.

Bow height adjustment

Photos showing bow height adjustment

Extang’s Monster Bows™ quickly spring on and off with no tools. It’s fast and easily done with one hand. The TUFFKLAMPs™ allow two bow heights: HIGH for maximum water shedding in harsh weather, and for improved gas mileage. LOW for sporty good looks and cold weather tonno attachment.


The patented “L-Channel” allows the perfect fit and allows the rain to run off

Photo of Extang's L-Channel L-Channel

Extang’s exclusive L-Channel™ is the key to the Tool Box Tonno’s easy fit. The ribbed L-Channel™ provides seal and drainage and allows it to be easy to install with a good fit. It bridges the tool box-to-tonno gap for a great fit and the black visually blends the gap for a clean look. (L-Channel™ is U.S. Patent Pending)

3 Quick, Easy Steps for Bulk Hauling: No Tools Needed
  1. Roll up & secure your tarp

    Your tarp can be quickly rolled up and secured with strong convenient straps allowing you to haul large items.

  2. Click out tail rail

    New “LeverLock™” corners allow you to attach or remove your tail rail instantly. No tools or screws required. “LeverLock™” corner attachments firmly hold your tail rail in place.

  3. Remove your Monster Bows™

    Extang’s MONSTERBOWS™ have been designed tall and wide making them super strong and are easily removed with one hand.


Extang makes the ONLY tonnos that work well in cold climates

Illustation of Extang rotatable offset snaps

  • Stud low for tight fit in hot weather
  • Slide off, flip over, then slide on again
  • Stud high for looser fit in cold weather

All Models $345.00

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This diagram is to show the correct & accurate fit of your tool box with an Extang Tool Box Tonno Cover.

Diagram showing how to determine custom cut tonno size

Note: "W" = Tool Box width at truck rail, not including lid.
Standard Cut: W=20 inches - Your tool box should be no more than 20" wide & not less than 18" wide.
Custom Cut: (To order, use p/n 7XXX-TB/xx)
W=xx inches - Boxes other than 18-20" require a Tool Box Order Form to be sent along with the order.


A regular program of keeping your truck bed cover clean through regular washings before it gets dirty will enhance the life and beauty of your cover and make successive cleaning/protecting easier!

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