Go Industries Big Tex Grill Guard

Go Industries Big Tex Grille Guard is the ultimate in front end protection.

You've got the big truck with the big engine and big tires! Now what you need is the exclusive Big Tex Grille Guard(tm) from Go Industries.
Made from a single piece of massive, 14 gauge steel tubing just a shade less than 2 inches in diameter, the Big Tex Grille Guard dwarfs standard 1.25 inch guards and offers extra protection from road debris and off-road brush.
The Big Tex is the original grille guard on the market today with an entire frame made from 1.9 inch tubing. Its unique design, heavy outside welds and giant size results in a stylish grille guard that won't bend, flex or vibrate when in use.
Big Tex Grille Guards are made to custom fit full-sized Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge and Ford trucks and SUVs. All feature easy frame-mounted no-drill installation, heavy-duty rubber pads, optional headlight guards, optional black diamond step and you retain your tow hooks on all applications. Big Tex Grille Guards are available in duplex nickel-chrome plating (with a six-year warranty) or a rugged matte black powder coat finish covered by a three year warranty.


Big Tex Grille Guard
                                                        Part # 77644


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Chevy/GMC Dodge Ford Toyota



Customer Testimonial

Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2008
To: Bob@pickupspecialties.com
From: "Roger Oswald"
Subject: Big Tex grill guard

I just wanted to tell you people that the Big Tex Grill Guard is well built and can take abuse!!!! Fantastic Product!!!!
Let me start from the beginning I bought a Big Tex Grill Guard from you people in the beginning of this year and installed it 4 days after a owl went through my grill. We'll today driving to work early this morning a hole heard of deer crossed the road in front of me. Could not stop, we'll I sent 2 of them flying in the air about 15 feet. After I got done swearing I got out of my truck to check out the damage but first I noticed 1 dead deer on my left 1 dead deer on my right both just off the road and the 3rd about 10 feet
in from the road. Still didn't look at the front of my truck. After a few more swear words and an upset stomach I had to look. We'll all it did to the truck was put allot of blood hair and shit all over my grill guard. There was 1 little spot the size of a pencil eraser were the chrome came off. NO BIG DEAL! BUT THAT WAS IT !!
So thank you for selling me and excellent well built product!!!!



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