Tough Country Traditional Front Bumper Replacements

Front Bumper Replacement with Brush Guard 
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  • Strong 4" Pipe Base
  • Heavy Upright Push Bars
  • "Traditional Look"


The Tough Country Traditional Front Replacement may look like other front replacements, but we do it "Tough Country" style! We use a 4" pipe base, with heavy upright push bars and 1¼" pipe, light loops for maximum protection; but added strength isn't the only thing that sets this front apart. Our Traditional Front is frame mounted, requires no vehicle modifications, and gives you more options than any other, so that you can feel just a little better about yourself.

We stock this product with popular options for most current model vehicles, so that we can get it to you fast. But when you place an order for a Traditional Front that is not in stock, we will get started right away to custom make this bumper, just for you! That's just one more thing that makes Tough Country, not only America's best, but your best choice to buy replacement bumpers. We offer you a more personal service, so that you know you are getting both the quality, and the options that you need.


The options below are included with the Traditional Front Replacement

Protruding Receiver Tube - This standard 2" receiver tube is welded on and extends approximately 2½" from the front of the pipe base. It can be used with any standard shank ball mount and allows you to conveniently pin and unpin the shank of your accessory from the front of your bumper for those who will need quick and easy access more frequently. This option allows for the use of many accessories such as a winch cradle, cargo basket, game rack, or ball mount for backing trailers in tight places.

Expanded Metal in Grill - Our Expanded Metal Grill will protect your truck's front grill and radiator from debris, sticks, and branches. It is made from a ¾" #9 flat expanded metal sheet and is welded into the grill section of your bumper during manufacturing..

Custom Fog Light Sleeves- So that you can keep the factory fog lights on your truck, a plasma cut hole is made and a hand formed steel tube is welded in its place. Custom fabricated brackets are welded on to hold the lights as if they were mounted in the factory, keeping your lights protected and giving you that clean sleeve look. Our secure mounts show how we take the extra steps to give your new bumper a truly custom look for your factory lights.
The Following Options are available as an add-on during checkout:

Shackle Mounts (pair) - For serious off-roaders, our shackle mounts offer both, additional towing points on your vehicle, and a great place to attach a winch cable back to the bumper when using a snatch block. These are ¾" CNC plasma cut steel tabs welded on to the pipe base with 1" holes to accommodate our heavy duty ¾" Shackles.
Available as an add-on at checkout for $39.95

Shackle Hooks (pair) - Our heavy duty ¾" Galvanized Shackles can be bolted to our Shackle Mounts and are great for hooking your tow strap or snatch block to when trying to get out of a tight spot.
Available as an add-on at checkout for $21.95

Universal Winch Box - This CNC plasma cut winch box is unique from other winch boxes in that it allows your winch to remain exposed for ease of use, so that you can keep your cable from balling up. It is fabricated from heavy ⅜" plate and pre-punched to accommodate most winches on the market. Click to view compatible winches from Mile Marker, Warn, Ramsey, & Superwinch. The dimensions of this box are 29" wide x 9" deep with a 8" tall face plate.
Available as an add-on at checkout for $197.95

3" Body Lift Modification - Tough Country is the ONLY major manufacturer that offers a 3" Body Lift Modification on heavy duty bumpers. This is a custom option in which the brackets have been fabricated and welded to raise the bumper up 3" to accommodate truck with a 3" Body Lift. This is a welded bracket, as opposed to a bolt on adapter that comes with most body lifts, and will not compromise the strength of the bumper. 
Available as an add-on at checkout for $329.95

Lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks

All Models $1329.00
Includes Expanded Metal Grill, Protruding Receiver and Fog Light Sleeves
Free Ground Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 States!
2003-2007 2500 & 3500 H.D. CLASSIC HD BODY STYLE Truck 
 (Does not retain factory tow hooks)
2007-2010 2500 & 3500 H.D. Truck (NOT 2007 CLASSIC) TFR3407C
2011-2014 2500 & 3500 H.D. TRUCK TFR3411C
Front Sensor cut outs available as an add on at checkout for an additional $199.95
1996-2001 1500 Ram Truck  (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR0201D
1996-2002 2500, & 3500 Ram Truck  (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR0201D
2002-2005 1500 TRUCK (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR0209D
2002-2005 2500 & 3500 Ram Truck (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR0217D
2006-2008 1500 NOT MEGA CAB  
This item requires modification to the frame horn to mount OEM foglights & Does not retain factory tow
2006-2009 2500 & 3500 Ram Truck  (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR2006D
2006-2009 1500, 2500 & 3500 MEGA CAB  (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR2006D
2008-2009 5500 DODGE STERLING TFR0855D
2010-Current 2500 & 3500 DODGE  TFR1034D
1999-2004 F250-F550 SUPERDUTY TRUCK
 (Does not retain factory tow hooks)
1999-2004 EXCURSION (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR0200F
2005-2007 EXCURSION  (Does not retain factory tow hooks) TFR0500F
2005-2007 F250-F550 SUPERDUTY TRUCK
 (Does not retain factory tow hooks)
2008-2010 F250-F350 SUPERDUTY TRUCK TFR0800F
2008-2010 F450-F550 SUPERDUTY TRUCK TFR0845F
2011-2016 F250-F350 SUPERDUTY TRUCK TFR2011F
2011-2016 F450-F550 SUPERDUTY TRUCK TFR4511F
2003-2007 2500 & 3500 H.D. CLASSIC HD BODY STYLE Truck
 (Does not retain factory tow hooks)
2007-2010 2500 & 3500 H.D.  Truck  (NOT 2007 CLASSIC) TFR2507G
2011-2014  2500 & 3500 H.D. Truck  TFR2511G
2015-CURRENT SIERRA  2500 & 3500 H.D. Truck 
Front Sensor cut outs available as an add on at checkout for an additional $199.95
Front Sensor cut outs available as an add on at checkout for an additional $199.95

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