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     Three Styles

Single Lid

Gives maximum opening for longer items you may carry like, levels, tri-pods, jacks, etc.


Low Profile

Offers better rear view and works for pulling most fifth wheel trailers where trailer overhang may swing over box.

Double Lid "Gull Wing"

Unique in that the door is tapered for a low access into the tool box. It also allows a bigger opening. A great box for taller 4x4 trucks.

Color & Style Options
Highway Products Headahe Rack and Tool Box Black Tool Box  Gladiator Tool Box Shaved Diamong Tool Box    

Silverback Style Option

Our smooth aluminum finish makes quick work of sliding equipment in and sweeping debris out. Aluminum only requires minimal polishing to keep it looking like brand new.

Flat Black Style Option

Powder coated Flat Black The flat black finish is a handsome finishing touch, highly respected, and is always a regular choice among lots of semi and pickup truck drivers.

Black & Silver

Style Option

The new black and silver edition is a popular style. The finish adds a luxurious touch to your vehicle.



Gladiator Style Option

The Gladiator is the newest edition to our arsenal. It offers a baked on powder coated finish with a smooth body and unique dimpled lids.



Leopard Style Option

The Leopard edition features our trademark (powder coated and shaved) diamond plate finish. Unsurpassed in looks, this finish will turn heads and attract followers with questions. Be prepared!



Toolbox Features
Highway Products Gullwing Toolbox

All our pickup tool boxes are built from from tough,1/10" and 1/8"thick marine grade aluminum. This is double the thickness of the standard brands. Plus, we include a lift-out aluminum tool tray. You won't find this feature in other brands either. Notice the polished front of these tool boxes. They add a high quality look to your truck.

Hunters, fishermen and campers who drive pickup trucks find these large capacity tool boxes perfect for securely stowing firearms, fishing poles, tackle boxes, boots, sleeping bags, and assorted gear.
Here's a feature you need to be aware of. Look at the extra opening you get with Highway Products tapered lid design. (shown by arrow)This enables you to carry longer items in your tool box when you need to.
Another benefit of our tapered design is the low cargo access you get. This is a great feature when you are trying to get the items out of the bottom of your tool box. Especially if you have a high profile pickup truck like a 4x4 .
Carry Rover with you every now and then? Don't have a place to tie him down? Highway Products saddle boxes come standard with a cast aluminum rope hook welded permanently on both sides of your tool box. (see another picture below)
This rope hook is great for securing a load in your truck bed. It has a closed eye and an open eye for easy and convenient tie-down. Bunji straps, rope, and leashes hook up fast. They are welded from the inside of your tool box for clean looks.

You won't see a tray that compares to the Highway Products tray either. It's made out of thicker aluminum than most other tool boxes you will see. Plus, it sits high in your tool box to give you more room underneath.No plastic here and the most important feature is, it lifts out of your tool box so you can either get it out of the way to access other cargo in your tool box or take the tray and your tools in your tray to the job.

"No Drill" mounting systems - standard
Here is a new style pickup tool box.

The "Gladiator"

These are Hot! Here's a tough new look that will certainly draw attention from your buddies. Our shop guys came up with this armor shield look one day when the punching machine punched a bump instead of a hole. They asked us if they could run with it. Of course, we said yes.

End result: A Roman Warrior looking piece of armor that we're calling "The Gladiator". Also available in our double lid (gull wing) models.

This powder-coated black model is standard but we can do white, yellow, black, gray, or custom colors.

"Gladiator" Saddle Box is also available in the Gull-Wing style with lids opening from either side and a nice aluminum tray to go with it. No Plastic Here!


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Blue Leopard Custom Toolbox Custom Red Toolbox Custom Blue Toolbox Blue Custom Painted toolbox Highway Products

New! - Powder coat combinations -

Want something a little different? Highway Products has it!

Your truck - Your choice.

Only at Highway Products will you get power choices like these that set your truck apart from the others.

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