Fantom™ Fuel & Tool Truck Tool Box by Highway Products

The Fantom™ Fuel & Tool Truck Tool Box secures your valuables and fuel in the same box. Constructed from a beefy marine grade aluminum, this stealthy tool box keeps your fuel nozzle locked within. Our engineers designed this 100% heli arc welded box with internal baffles that keep fuel slosh to a minimum. Fantom™ truck tool boxes are available in sizes that will fit your pickup truck. Our fuel and tool combo boxes come with our Lifetime Warranty.

Single Lid

Gull Wing (with Diamond Plate shaved finish)

Flat Black

Powder coated Flat Black The flat black finish is a handsome finishing touch, highly respected, and is always a regular choice among lots of semi and pickup truck drivers.


Our Aluminum finish features a smooth texture so gear easily slides in and debris is easily swept out and/or hosed off. Aluminum never rusts and just needs a little polishing now and then to keep its brand new sharp appearance.



The Leopard edition features our trademark (powder coated and shaved) diamond plate finish. Unsurpassed in looks, this finish will turn heads and attract followers with questions. Be prepared!


Standard Features


 1. 3/16" Marine Grade AluminumHighway Products Features - 3/16" Marine Grade Aluminum

Aluminum's strength-to-weight ratio is far more superior than steel. Steel is twice the weight of aluminum and no matter what you do, steel will rust. All Highway Products, Inc. transfer tanks are made from 3/16" rust-free T6 6061 aluminum; the same material used by the military, aircraft manufactures and boat builders. This thick, lightweight material is the perfect solution for reducing the weight of your work truck.

2. Baffled to Reduce SloshHighway Products Features - Baffled to Reduce Slosh

The inertia of fuel slosh can make the fuel weight in your transfer tank seem like you have 3 times as much fuel in your tank and negatively affects your trucks handling. The constant shifting of weight puts an enormous amount of stress on the box. We eliminate this stress by inserting a proprietary baffle system that dramatically decreases slosh.

3. Fully Adjustable Highway Products Features - Fully Adjustable

One gallon of gas weighs 6lbs, and when your tank is full there is a lot of weight put on your transfer tank. Our engineers created an adjustable saddle box that allows you to secure the tank to the truck bed without losing the saddle look. This feature puts all of the weight on the truck bed and adds extra storage for your tools.

4. Gas Assisted Shocks Highway Products Features - Gas Assisted Shocks

Nitrogen-driven gas shocks are used on all tool box lids. This counterbalancing action acts as a self-opening shock raises the lid for you and keeps the lid open while you access your tools. The shocks are strategically placed so you can close the lid with one-hand.

5. Single Lid Design Highway Products Features - Single Lid Design

The single lid saddle box design has an extra-large opening that allows you to access your entire tool box. This popular design is geared towards people who store longer items such as shovels, levels, tripods and jacks. This tool box is designed for people who want an unobstructed storage solution.

6. Stainless Steel Hinges Highway Products Features - Stainless Steel Hinges

Due to constant use and multiple stress points, the hinge is the most important part of your box. We use oversized stainless steel hinges and 1/4" stainless steel pins that are 302 spring-tempered. This rust free process adds extra strength and longevity to your tool box. We have these hinges custom made for all Highway Products, Inc boxes

7. Stainless Steel T-Grip Lock Highway Products Features - Stainless Steel T-Grip Lock

Our ergonomically designed T-Grip locks are the most secure locking mechanism on the market. These locks are constructed from a stainless steel alloy that resists corrosion and rust. As you turn the T-Grip handle a 3/4" stainless steel rod locking mechanism secures the lid to the box. This over built T-Grip system offers high security for your tools.

8. Watertight Seal Highway Products Features - Watertight Seal

Nothing is more frustrating than opening your tool box and seeing your tools in a puddle of water. We use Clean Seal? automotive stripping around the edges of each tool box to ensure a watertight seal. The stripping is made closed cell rubber with a hollow core. This attribute allows the rubber to conform to curves, corners and varying cross sections without bridging or creasing.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our standard products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship. Your warranty includes locking mechanisms, hinges, gas props, weather stripping, and any other materials we use.

Production time on the Fantom Fuel & Tool is approximately 3-5 weeks before shipping.


Pump, Hose and Nozzle can be added for an additional $499.00
Vented Fuel Cap  can be added for an additional $55.00
Lid Style Fuel Gallons WxHxD Fits Model#
Single Lid 72 Total          
63 Fuel
69x26.5x23 Chevy 1500-2500 6.5' Short Bed (99-07 Classic Only) 9024-046
5th Wheel 36 Total          
30 Fuel
61x20.5x22 Short or Long Bed Trucks 9024-049
Low Pro 35 Total          
30 Fuel
70x22x20 2008 F250 Short Bed Trucks (with 19.5 bed rails)                                                                   9024-047
Single Lid 73 Total           
63 Fuel
74x28.5x26 Ford F250-550 8' Long Bed (99-Current) 9024-045
Single Lid 62 Total           
54 Fuel
70.5x25.5x23 GM 8' Long Bed (07-Current) 9024-040
Single Lid 86 Total           
76 Fuel
71x30.5x24 Doge 2500-3500 8' Long Bed (03-Current) 9024-044
Gull Wing 62 Total           
52 Fuel
71x27x20 Short or Long Bed Trucks 9024-043
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