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"Heavy Duty"   Honeycomb Polished aluminum headache rack with a mirrored finish and a Lifetime Warranty!

Honeycomb Punched Insert
Protects Your Rear Window
Deflects Bright Light
Keeps Your Cab Cool
1/8 inch Rust Free Aluminum


Honeycomb Style With Hexagon Mesh-Style Insert & Mesh Brake Window

Honeycomb™ headache racks are made from heavy gauge marine grade aluminum. The 1/8 inch cab guard insert is punched with a honeycomb tool and the side rails are tapered to match the contour of your pickup truck. The insert and side rails are fully adjustable so you can match the headache rack with the contour and height of your cab. Our press machine forms waves in headache rack insert that not only adds strength but also gives it a sophisticated look. These back racks have a a 750lbs load capacity and they will protect the rear cab window. This Honeycomb™ design deflects light coming in your cab without obstructing view going out. Our Honeycomb™ cab protectors are available in sizes that fit all pickup trucks and they come with our Lifetime Warranty

Honeycomb Headache Rack Shaved Black

Silverback™ Honeycomb™ with Gullwing Truck Tool Box
Honeycomb Style Shown with Gull Wing Tool Box


Open Post Style Headache Rack

Leopard Model Headache Rack-Black powder Coated
Open Post Headache Rack Shown in Shaved Black (Leopard) Finish with Gull Wing Toolbox


Features - All Highway Products Headache Racks

1. 1/8" Rust Free Aluminum

Aluminum's strength-to-weight ratio is far more superior than steel. Steel is twice the weight of aluminum and no matter what you do, steel will rust. All Highway Products, Inc. headache racks are made from 1/8" rust-free T6 6061 aluminum; the same material used by the military, aircraft manufactures and boat builders. This thick, lightweight material is the perfect solution for reducing the weight of your work truck.

2. Honeycomb Mesh Design

This headache rack insert is punched with honeycomb holes and the aluminum is bent in a wave like fashion. The combination of the honeycomb and waves deflect sunlight and lights coming in the rear view window. Not only does it protect your rear window, is also deflects light and harmful UV rays.

3. Tapered Design

The tapered design honeycomb headache rack matches the contour of the uprights to the contour of your cab. This feature gives your truck a stylish look. Aside from the good looks, these racks perform like an extra tool for your truck. They can be used to carry ladders, lumber or anything that is longer than the cab of your truck.

4. LED Lights

Headache racks with lights add extra protection when breaking and decreases the chances that you will be rear-ended. We can embed LED strips directly into the uprights or cross section, giving it flush look. Adding lights to your cab guard gives it that custom look that will separate you from the crowd.

5. Mounts, Brackets & Trays

Mounts can be welded to the top or side of headache racks so you can add utility lights or emergency rotating lights. Brackets can be purchased so you can display "Over-sized Load" signs, beacons, flags and lights. Adding trays between the uprights is a perfect storage solution for storing items like jacks, chains or rope.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our standard products come with a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship. Your warranty includes locking mechanisms, hinges, gas props, weather stripping, and any other materials we use.

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(6) Safety: Our  LED lighted version of the Tankbrite headache rack decreases the chances of you being rear ended. When you hit the brakes they will know instantly that you are stopping or turning. That's right! These LED lights also blink for turn signals. We use these same lights on our semi truck cab guards. They're tough, sealed beam, and light up like a Christmas tree when you stop or turn. We think this king size safety feature is a must have item ourselves.

powder coated headache racks for pickups

Add "Power Looks" to your truck with a powder coat upgrade.

(7) New! Our best selling heavy gauge aluminum headache rack is available with an (optional) tray that spans between the uprights. It's perfect for a jack, some chain, or rope. Keep those awkward items out of you cab or tool box.  When you have a tool box, headache rack combination with a tray, you can't see the tray or what's in it. Out of site, out of mind. You'll absolutely love this unique option!

This Toyota Tundra looks great with our headache tool box combination.
Shown with Silverback Mirror Finish Single Lid Tool Box

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Pickup cab guards for pickups save rear windows from damage.
This pickup has a cab guard and a tool box combination.

Photo on the right shown with Gull Wing Saddle Box Tool Box


Rollover image
This picture shows a how tough our headache racks really are. We don't recommend that you try this at home, but our customer said the headache rack prevented a lot of damage to his truck. He still has the same headache rack too.

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