Highway Products Truck Tool Boxes and Headache Racks

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Gull Wing Aluminum Saddle Boxes (Leopard Lid Model)
Gull Wing Saddle Toolbox Shown with
Headache Rack with no mesh screen in Shaved Diamond "Leopard" finish
Highway Products Headahe Rack and Tool Box
Gull Wing Saddle Toolbox Shown with
Honeycomb Headache Rack
in "Tankbrite" finish

Black Headache Rack
Headache Racks - Cab Racks by Highway Products
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1/8" Marine Grade Aluminum
Stronger and Lighter than Steel and Rust Free!

Enhance the look of your truck
Protect your rear window
Keep cool

Available in "Tankbrite" Mirror Finish, Black Powdercoat, and "Leopard" Shaved Diamond finishes
Crossover Saddle Truck Tool Boxes by Highway Products
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Tough, durable and secure. We use the thickest marine grade aluminum used in the industry, continuous length piano-style hinges, and secure, custom made just for Highway Products, Inc. "T-handle" stainless locking mechanisms. Covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Available in Gull Wing Dual Lid and Single Lid in a variety of finishes

Shown with Gull Wing Saddle Tool Box
Lo Side Truck Toolboxes by Highway Products
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These tool boxes provide easy access to hand-held saws, power drills, tool belts, hammers and other tools, parts and supplies, while keeping the bed of the truck clear for lumber, sheets of plywood or other cargo.
Pickup truck headache rack built by Highway Products. The Highwayman
ainted To Match
Tiara Style Headache Rack
by Highway Products

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Tired of being just one of the crowd? The "Highwayman" Tiara has superior written all over it. 100% all aluminum, painted to match your pickup, with an LED light package that demands semi truck attention. These units are fashioned after the tiara's on our famous "Highwayman" RV tow bodies. They give your pickup a look of distinction and when you hit the brakes or turn signals, you'd think a semi is slowing down or making a turn. These top of the line headache racks are built by our best fabricators, welded by our best welders, and painted by our custom painters. All the edges are sanded smooth and attention to detail is extreme.
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Pickup Pack Truck Bed Organizer
by Highway Products

Contractors tell us they use their trucks fitted with the Pickup Pack™ as their mobile business office and keep tools and inventory for the job locked up in it, ready to go when needed. The Pickup Pack™ can also be customized to meet your special needs. That's one of our specialties. Imagine a storage unit built just for you.
Surveyor Pack Truck Bed Organizer
by Highway Products

Our unbeatable, all aluminum "Surveyor Pack"™ covers the bed of your pickup with compartments that you open as you need them. This time-saving method means you don't have to open the whole unit every time you need something. The unique hatch-back, which also locks your tailgate, opens and our 2000 lb. capacity "Roller Coaster"™cargo tray brings your instrument cases, stakes, tripods, brush cutting tools, and hammers out to where you have easy access to them.

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The Gorilla Slide2000-XT
Truck Bed Slide Out Cargo Tray by Highway Products

Rated to handle up to 2000 lbs
Also available in 4000 lb rated
secure storage for trucks SUV Lock Up Boxes by Highway Products
Turn the back of your SUV into a secure storage vault.
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