Alumistinger Aluminum Ball Mount

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Andersen Manufacturing’s often copied but never equaled Alumistinger was the first aluminum ball mount in the towing industry. With its unique stand-out appearance the Alumistinger ball mount offers boat, snowmobile, ATV, and utility trailer owners the highest quality and best looking ball mount hitches on the market. The Alumistinger is made of one solid piece of aluminum alloy with no welds, giving it all the strength and durability you need.

Is aluminum really strong enough for use in a ball mount? When Andersen Manufacturing Inc. first released the Alumistinger solid aluminum ball mount, many in the industry figured we were doomed to failure. But, after many years and many miles of problem free service the industry had to change its tune. In fact, many companies have released remarkably similar products. When you decide to step up from your rusty steel hitch to the great look of aluminum, remember Alumistinger was first! Insist on the Original Alumistinger!

Alumistinger ball mounts will never rust and are much lighter than standard steel ball mounts of similar strength. The aluminum looks great by itself, so there is no need for paint or chrome that will chip and peel. To keep the shine, you simply need to polish the hitch from time to time and you will have a high gloss surface that looks brand new.

  • 6061 T6 Aluminum alloy (solid bar).
  • Available in 2", 4", 6", 8", and 10" drops
  • All Alumistinger sizes can be used in a rise position.
  • Fits a 2" standard receiver and sleeved 2 ˝" receivers.
  • 1" ball shank hole.
  • 8,000lb GTWR and 800lb tongue weight.
  • No Paint - No Rust - Forever.
  • Meets SAE J684 and V5 certification standards.
  • Locking pins available
  • Try a Greaseless HardBall on your Alumistinger
  • Fully tested by an independent lab.
  • Made in the USA.

If you need more weight capacity on your hitch than the 8000 lbs offered by the Alumistinger tow bar, please look at our Original Rapid Hitch also featured on this site.

Don’t be confused with the knockoffs of our original aluminum hitches made by: DT, Reese, Valley, and Buyers. Insist on the Original Alumistinger!

 Free ground shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states!
1' Shank Hole  

Part #

$ 44.99
Alumistinger - 2" Drop Bar

2" DROP and
a 1" RISE
$ 54.99
Alumistinger - 4" Drop Bar

4" DROP and
 a 3" RISE
$ 64.99
Alumistinger - 6" Drop Bar

6" DROP and
a 5" RISE
$ 84.99
Alumistinger - 8" Drop Bar

8" DROP with
a 7" RISE
$ 94.99
Alumistinger - 10" Drop Bar

10" DROP and
a 9" RISE

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