Swift Hitch Wireless Trailer Camera System

Swift Hitch™ a wireless camera system with built in NIGHT VISON used to hitch up your enclosed trailer, camper, snowplow, boat trailer, horse trailer or anything to your vehicle fast in 3 easy steps. Mount the magnetic camera on your tail gate, View yourself backing up and then HITCH UP.
Now with a reverse image to make backing up easier!

Free Ground Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Free Ground Shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states!

Three models to choose from

SH01 Complete System

SH01 - SWIFT HITCH Complete System

SH01 Complete System Includes: 4-Hour Run-Time Camera & Color Display, Weather Proof Cover, 12 Volt Charger Cable, Display Battery
SH01 - $239.99

SH02 Complete System

SH02 - SWIFT HITCH Complete System with 10-hour battery

SH02 Complete System Includes: 10-Hour Run-Time Weather Resistant Camera,

Hi-Resolution Color Display, Foam Lined Storage Case, Suction Cup Mount,
12 Volt Charger Cable
SH02 - $249.99


SH03 - SWIFT HITCH Two Camera Back-up and Monitoring System

The Portable Wireless Two Camera Back-up and Monitoring System

The new Swift Hitch SH03 offers the capability to position two portable wireless cameras in separate locations. Both cameras transmit to a high definition color monitor with a toggle switch that allows the viewing of the images from the two cameras.


  • Two portable wireless cameras that each have an internal rechargeable battery which allow for up to 10 hours of usage with a full charge.
  • Full color 2.5” LCD screen with high resolution 960x240, with normal and reverse imaging.
  • Top right easily accessible toggle switch to view images from two cameras.
  • Extended antenna with a 9 ft cable that attaches to one of the cameras. This antenna allows the user to place one camera in a remote obstructed location and have the transmitting antenna positioned in an unobstructed area.
  • Magnetic base on both cameras.
  • Infra-red for night vision on both cameras.
  • Both cameras are water resistant and come with a weather guards.
  • Triangular suction cup mount which allows a camera to be mounted on a non-magnetic surface.
  • Cigarette lighter charging adapter with two connectors to allow charging of two devices at the same time.

Swift Hitch SH03 Uses and Benefits:

  • Hitch up a trailer using two views – watch the towing vehicle’s trailer hitch and the trailer being towed.
  • Watch horses in a trailer from two different camera positions.
  • Monitor the trailer load being towed from two locations.
  • Agricultural applications:
    • Watch two bins or silos that are beside each other fill up.
    • View the front and rear of any moving equipment.
  • View two sides of your truck or trailer.
  • Inspections or surveys from two different angles at the same time.
  • No installation or wiring is needed.
  • One year limited warranty is included.
  • SH03 system is based upon proven Swift Hitch technology that has been in existence since 2006 with thousands of satisfied users.

SH03 - $299.99


Check out the Swift Hitch videos below!
Click the play button on the left side of each video.

Using a Swift Hitch Camera System

Using a Swift Hitch Camera System at Night



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