Fifth Wheel Hitches by Pullrite

Super 5th - Extraordinary 5th Wheel Hitches.

Super 5th is the best solution for extraordinarily safe & comfortable 5th wheel towing.

Safety: Automatically locking, gear driven latch keeps the trailer securely connected even if you forget the
safety pin... eliminating the risk of dropping your trailer.

Comfort: Rotary latch design provides tighter connections between the truck and the trailer for more comfortable towing.  Super 5th hitches are built with precision fit, laser cut parts.  There is only .030" tolerance between the king pin and latch - minimizing the "bump" felt when towing.  See video to right or click here to view larger video (wmv).

Value: Extraordinary designs priced to provide great value for your money.

Performance: Latch design eliminates focused wear points providing years of trouble-free, outstanding performance.

Innovation: The dual tilt articulating head pioneered by PullRite eliminates twist and stress on trucks and trailers and makes hitching and unhitching easier.

Quality: Laser cut parts, superior designs, and over 30 years hitch building experience support our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Super 5th 16,000
The 16K is PullRite's most popular Super 5th. You can enjoy the Super 5th's dual-pivoting advantage while pulling your small or mid-sized trailer and still not out-grow your 16K when you are ready to step up to a larger trailer. You will appreciate the 16K's affordable price, with all the Super 5th benefits. 
Super 5th 20,500
The rugged design of the 20.5K lives up to Super 5th's reputation for producing strong, well-built 5th wheel hitches that provide confidence while towing your 5th wheel trailer.  Perfect for those with heavier trailers or those planning for a heavier trailer in the future.

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A wireless camera system with built in NIGHT VISON used to hitch up your enclosed trailer, camper, snowplow, boat trailer, horse trailer or anything to your vehicle fast in 3 easy steps. Mount the magnetic camera on your tail gate, View yourself backing up and then
Now with a reverse image to make backing up easier!

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