SuperBumper Bumper Protector, Rear Bumper Guard, Hitch Step, Ball Mount

Stop rear end collision damage with SUPERBUMPER's patented compression system that's been crash tested and proven!
  • Crash Tested! Stops rear-end-collision damage!


  • Sparebumper helps protect your truck against damage and your loved ones against whiplash
  • Mounts easily in your 2" receiver hitch—no drilling required
  • Adjustable Class II/III ball mount and chrome-plated hitch ball let you tow trailers up to 6,000 lbs. (tongue weights up to 600 lbs.)
  • For all pickups and full-size SUVs
Statistics reveal that rear-enders make up 30% of all collisions. Sparebumper can help stop the damage!  The Sparebumper is an important safety accessory that slips right into your receiver hitch and protects you and your truck from those inescapable rear end collisions…or if you accidentally back into something. Sparebumper is the only aftermarket bumper to endure the 5-MPH "rear into pole" crash test without damage to the bumper or the vehicle.
The laser-cut and machined tube (no plastic) incorporates a patented energy-absorbing compression system that's been crash tested and proven to take the initial brunt of an impact. Amazingly effective—if the Sparebumper ever breaks in a 5-MPH rear-end collision, the manufacturer will replace it FREE OF CHARGE. The Superbumper is also more than just strong, practical, portable, affordable protection.

Measuring 4" diameter x 24" wide, the Sparebumper extends no further from your vehicle than the average ball mount or trailer hitch.
Durable black powder-coat finish.



Logo Decals Available below

Model SP424 Sparebumper
(non-towing version in black)

Model SP424 is a 4" tube style bumper 24" in length
All pick up trucks and FULL SIZE SUVs.
Length: 24"
Material: Steel
Tube Size: 4"
Weight: Approximately 16 lbs.
Capability: Stops 1 ton @ 4.34 mph (without you feeling anything) – Withstands 15-20 mph impacts.
Hitch Rating: 600 lb Tongue Weight 
Receiver Hitch: 2" ONLY
Compression System: Dual – Inside and Outside – UV coated Rubber

SP424B - $139.95



Bumper Shield XL Hitch Cover
(16” in black)

Model Number:  HC166B
Specs:  Color:  Black 
16" X 6"  Plate Thickness:  5/8" 
Fits all 2" receiver hitches

This crash tested, energy absorbing custom hitch cover not only covers your ugly receiver hitch, it works as a bumper shield for rear mounted 2” receiver hitches and doubles as a skid plate and bumper shield for front mounted receiver hitches.

Its 16” wide by 6” high, only sticks out 4” beyond your receiver hitch, crushes 2” when hit, won’t interfere with most vehicles equipped with backup alarms and can be used in the down position (shown) to protect against under-ride on full size pickup trucks or SUVs or flipped around to protect against over-ride on small size SUVs.

It has a dual compression system so it can be pinned out for maximum protection or pinned in closer (still energy absorbing) for approach angle clearance during off-road use, tight garage spaces or to avoid being detected by backup alarms.  Simply arrange the rubber bumpers / spacers and pin it where you want.

Because it’s energy absorbing it will protect your family from whiplash, keep your receiver hitch from bending when hit from the rear (unlike most static receiver hitch products – including your ball mount), keeps Braille parallel parkers (people who park by “feel”) from wrecking your bumper, saves your $500 deductible and has a lifetime crash warranty (like all of our products) – if it bends or breaks from a rear end collision, at any speed, it will be replaced absolutely free.  

HC166B - $119.95

Dress up your SUPERBUMPER or SPAREBUMPER with genuine logos!
$6.95 each
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Chevy Decal

Ford Decal

Jeep Decal


Only $19.95!
Highly recommended! Prevent theft of your SUPERBUMPER or SPAREBUMPER
with this stainless steel lock pin!
Polished Stainless Hitch Step 4" Oval Rhino!
Hitch Step

• Get easy access to your truck bed, SUV, ladder rack or roof rack.
• Universal Fit for all 2" receivers.
• A full 24" long.
• Provides extra bumper protection.
• Hitch pin with clip plus anti-rattle device included.
• Install in minutes.
• Available in
polished stainless or black