Pet Transportation Accessories

Pet Partition™

The CommuteMate Pet Partition is a space barrier keeping pets and cargo in a separate area, for better safety. Fits most SUV's, station wagons, minivans. Adjusts both horizontally and vertically. Maximum vertical height measurement 50", maximum horizontal measurement 59" (Two rungs included. Add-on Rung sold separately)

#4050 Pet Partition $59.95

This add-on rung allows your Pet-Partition to cover more area when necessary. Adds 6" vertically for vehicles needing additional height

#4055 Pet Partition Add On Rung


The PortablePet Lunch Box is perfect for traveling with your pets. The lid has built in food and water dishes! Never bring extra bowls again! Comes with a handle for carrying.

Medium -Holds 36 Cups of Food.

Large - Holds 72 Cups of Food.

The PortablePet Food Tote is a food and drink container for pets on the go! It includes one 8 cup food container, 2 food/water bowls, and 1 water canteen. The FoodTote is lightweight and compact. The FoodTote is ideal for walks, hiking, camping or traveling. Attach the Handle to your backpack!


#3050 Food Tote



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