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The very best in sleek design and futuristic styling is found in the Cyber. The Cyber features rounded curves with a skirted / wrap-over-the-rail design highlighting the trucks styling. Recessed side windows, doors and L.E.D. brake light conform to your truck, enhancing the trucks total look. Side windows have a rear crank-out vent with screens. The all glass rear door features curved styling with a rotary latch / lock system with Jason’s exclusive oval twist lock handle with lock guard.

If you are looking for a great SUV look and top quality, this is it!


To ensure smooth, accurate window and door openings, Jason uses a high-pressure water jet cutting system. This assures that your window and door openings are precision cut for a trouble-free, watertight seal every time. Jason is dedicated and committed to using only the best, most technically advanced procedures and equipment throughout our entire manufacturing process.    
At JASON, everything we manufacture is custom made. We realize how important it is for you to have the "LOOK" you want. Rest assured when you purchase a JASON cap it was built from start to finish with you in mind -- superior quality, exciting styles, carefully engineered and dependable. 
It just does not get any better than this!   


Cyber Series


Standard Features

  • Custom Design Fit Featuring Recessed Side Walls & Skirted Rails for an Advanced SUV Look
  • 7 - Layer Fiberglass Construction Process
  • Tri-Cell Reinforced Roof - Improves the Roof's Carrying Capacity. Ideal for Roof Rack Applications
  • Fiberglass Base Rail System for Structural Reliability
  •   Wrap Around Rail System on Current Model Applications - Ask Dealer for Details 
  • Skirted Side (Wrap Over Rail) Design
  • Monochromatic Trim-Less Edge - For the Seamless LOOK ....   
  • D.O.T. Approved Safety Glass - All Windows
  • Radius Side All Glass Dark Tint ""E-Z" Eye" Windows with Screens
  • All Glass Dark Tint ""E-Z" Eye" Rear Door with Slam Latch / Lock System - Featuring Jason’s Oval Twist Lock Handle with Lock Guard 
  • Rear Door Composite Door Skirt Painted to Match - Most Models
  • Radius Front Picture Window
  • Carpet Lined Interior- STANDARD

  • Interior Dome Light - 12 Volt - 8 L.E.D. with Accessory Plug 
  • L.E.D. Third Brake Light
  • High Performance Automotive Base Coat / Clear Coat Paint Baked-On Factory Exterior Finish
  • Limited Life Time Warranty on the Structure
  • Limited Life Time Warranty on the Painted Surface
  • 3 - Year Limited Warranty on L.E.D. Brake Light and Gas Props




Front Window Selections:
  • Radius Front Sliding Windows – Standard and Oversized
  • E-Z Access Drop Down Front Picture Window – Standard and Oversized
  • E-Z Access Drop Down Single Pane Front Sliding Window – Standard and Oversized
Rear Door Options:
  • "Jason" L7-10 Power Lock - Integrated Rear Door Remote Keyless Entry System (Oval handle is replaced with tear drop style)


Roof Rack Solutions:


Sport Series Roof Racks
  • Rhino Rack - Vortex Areo in Black or Silver Finish - Fixed Mount
  • Rhino Rack – Vortex Areo in Black or Silver Finish – Track Mount with RLT600 Quck Mount Legs
  • Sport Quest - Track Mount - Roof Rack
  • Yakima Track with Round Cross Bars & Tower Locks
  • SunSeeker Side Awning (Requires a Rhino Rack)
  • Foxwing 270 Degree Awning (Requires a Rhino Rack)


Commercial Series Roof Racks
  • Rhino Rack  - Commercial Grade in Black or Silver Finish - Fixed Mount with Load Holders
  • Rhino Rack - Commercial Grade in Black or Silver Finish - Track Mount with RLT600 Quick Mount Legs & Load Holders
  • Rhino Rack "Easy Glide" Ladder Kit
Interior Upgrades:


Interior Lights and Light Structures

   -- VIEW L.E.D. Strip Lighting System   

View Stage 2 Lighting  STAGE 2

   STAGE 1

  •     Included with the Stage 1 System is a 60" L.E.D. Light Bar - Centered; an 8 L.E.D. Master Control Light and a Wire "Hook Up" Harness   Kit
  •     Included with the Stage 2 System is everything mentioned in the Stage 1, plus an additional 60" L.E.D. Light Bar.  


  • 10" LUMA Bar - Premium 12 Volt - 15 LED Interior Lighting System 
  • Additional 4.5" - 8 LED - 12 Volt Interior Light - Low Profile, Compact Design. Can be placed in a variety of locations. 
Other Interior Upgrades
  • Zuncin® Pro – TBL/Backup Camera Systems  

  •   Zuncin® Pro - WiFi Go Vue Camera Transmitter - Use your Cell Phone as the Monitor 






  • 12 Volt Power Source    


  • Berkley Fishing Rod Holder   
  • Front Mounted – Carpet Lined Gun Tray
  • CARGO Ease - Pull-Out Bed Trays - 1,200 or 1,800 lbs. Capacity Models
  • Interior Clothes Hanger
  • Roof Mounted Payload Net with Wire Frame     
  • Pooch Screen Guards for Side Windows        

Installation Accessories:




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