Jason Tonneau Covers Warranty

Jason Industries, Inc. (referred to as the manufacturer) warrants each new Fiberglass Product to the original owner as follows:

For a period of one (1) year from the date the unit is delivered to the first purchaser or placed into service as a demonstrator or company unit:

Truck Caps

  1. Windows (leak only)
  2. Rear Door (leak only)
  3. Bottom Door Bulb Seal
  4. Window Latches

For a period of three (3) years:

Tonneau Covers

  1. Hinges
  2. Assist Arms
  3. Cables
  4. Rubber Gasket Seal
  5. Gas Props
  6. Lock Core
  7. Slam Latches
  8. Framework

Truck Caps

  1. Gas Props
  2. Brake Lights
    *These are parts replacement warranties only

For the life of your Fiberglass Product:

  1. Fiberglass Core Delamination
  2. Structural cracks in the fiberglass laminate
  3. Chalking or fading of the painted surface

Items NOT covered under Jason Warranty:

  1. Surface cracks due to Impact or Excessive Stress
  2. Chafing or chipping of the truck bed paint
  3. Color match
  4. Paint chipping caused by debris or foreign objects
  5. Damage resulting from improper clamp or bolt installation
    *NOTE: Under High ambient temperature, Fiberglass Tonneau Cover may bow. This is a NORMAL condition.

Certain conditions will VOID ALL WARRANTY:

  1. Altering the Fiberglass Product in any manner without written approval from the manufacturer
  2. Misuse, negligence or accident
  3. Installation of any part or accessory without written approval of the manufacturer
  4. Any damage resulting from traveling with the Tonneau Cover or Truck Cap Rear Door in the open position

Limited Lifetime Warranty

In the event a warranted defect may occur within the respective warranty period, the original purchaser is requested to contact the selling dealer. Should this procedure be impractical due to travel or permanent geographical relocation, please notify Jason Industries immediately. All removal, reinstallation, packing and shipping costs to and from the manufacturer will be the owner's responsibility, should circumstances require said unit to be returned to the manufacturer. Dealer and/or customer installed parts, accessories or paint are NOT subject to manufacturer's replacement or reimbursement. The manufacturer does NOT accept any responsibility to purchaser for warranty express or implied by any of its dealers, distributors or agents. Additionally, the manufacturer, under any circumstances, does NOT assume any liability or responsibility for loss of time, inconvenience, consequential damage including but not limited to expenses for telephone, food, lodging, travel or damage to the base vehicle, or loss or damage to personal property of the purchaser or user of the Fiberglass or Composite Product.

The warranty herein stated is especially in lieu of all other expressed warranties on the part of Jason Industries, Inc., and no person, including any dealer, agent or representative of Jason Industries, Inc. is authorized to make any representation or warranty concerning Jason Industries, Inc. products on behalf of the company except to refer the purchaser to this warranty.

The remedies afforded by this warranty are determined by Jason Industries, Inc. and expressly limited to the replacement or repair of parts defective as above stated. Any implied warranties arising by operation of law are specifically limited to the duration of the warranty.

The warranty herein contained is expressly limited to the original purchaser of a Jason Industries, Inc. unit; and Jason Industries, Inc., disclaims any responsibility or liability to any subsequent owner(s) or purchaser of a Jason Industries, inc., unit or product.

Wait thirty (30) days before using high powered car wash type wands. Do not apply abrasive chemicals, solvents or tools to automotive painted surface as this may cause peeling, chipping or abrasive damage, which would not be covered under your Jason warranty.

This warranty applies to all Jason Fiberglass units produced after the date of June 11, 2001.

General Care and Maintenance for Automotive Clear/coat Surfaces
Wash frequently with a mild detergent or automotive soap. DO NOT use abrasive chemicals or tools. To maintain shine and quality of painted surface, NON-ABRASIVE wax should be applied every ninety (90) days. Many brands of wax are manufactured and sold expressly for automotive surfaces. Proper care should ensure a longer life expectancy of your exterior finish. When carrying large or heavy cargo in your truck, firmly secure to prevent sudden shifting, which could cause damage to your cap.


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