Toyota Tundra Computer Mount Jotto Desk

Toyota Tundra (2007+)
Toyota Sequoia (2007+)
No-Holes Mount
     This JOTTO DESK Computer Mount for the '07+ Toyota Tundra / Toyota Sequoia is a No Holes drilled, ergonomic, multi-adjustable swing arm desk used as a platform for mobile professionals to secure and comfortably use a notebook computer in a vehicle.

The Cable-Dock« securing system uses two nylon-coated steel cables that wrap up and over the keyboard section of the computer for a firm and positive grip. The Articulated Arm enables you to pull the desktop over for comfortable operation, reducing back strain.

Overall design allows you to sit and work comfortably in driver or passenger seats or store the computer screen up against dash while driving. Stand height is adjustable and can be removed from No Holes Base in seconds when not needed.

Model # 425-5455R

Primary Use Mount Laptop Computer
Vehicles Mounted '07+ Toyota Tundra
Toyota Sequoia
Mounting Location No Holes Base to Passenger Seat Rails
Installation Time 15 to 20 Minutes

425-5455R  $289.95



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