LED Trailer Light Bars Fire and Ice by Plasmaglow

LED Trailer Fire & Ice Bars

Universal design to fit any trailer

The newest addition to our Fire & Ice Line is our LED Boat Trailer Kit.  It is a 2-Bar kit designed to fit any trailer.  The kit features Running Lights, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, and Reverse Lights.  The LED Tubes are 100% waterproof so you are safe to submerge your trailer, and they attach to your trailer with high-power magnets so there is no drilling or adhesives required.

A 4-Pin trailer hitch adapter is included, so your kit can easily integrate with your truck's electrical system.  If you do not have a 4-pin plug on your truck, hard-wiring instructions are included, or adapters are widely available at any auto parts store.

Two 24" bars, magnetic install, and optional self tapping screws, the wires are 16' long per bar.

LED Trailer Light Bars P/N 10446  $119.95

Trailer Hitch Adapter 4-Way Splitter 

If you want to use any PlasmaGlow Truck Products, like the Fire & Ice Tailgate Bar or Mud Flap Kit, that utilize the 4-pin trailer hitch plug and pull your trailer at the same time, your only option was to hard-wire your lighting accessories.

The PlasmaGlow 4-Way Trailer Hitch Adapter Splitter will allow you to plug up to 4 products into the trailer hitch plug on your truck without having to do any complex wiring.  It will fit any truck with a 4-pin flat trailer hitch adapter.  If you have a round trailer hitch plug, you can get an adapter to change to to a 4-pin at most auto parts stores.

Trailer Hitch 4-Way Splitter


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