Kargo Master Econo Truck Racks

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Easy to install...NO DRILLING or CUTTING
Comes with No-drill clamp kit

500lb Load Capacity

Econo Truck Racks are constructed with high strength 2" round steel tubing, monster
14" long 1/4" thick foot plates, and a premium powder coat finish.

Available for pick-up trucks. These super strong value priced racks are ideal for carrying ladders, light construction materials or canoes/kyacks. All "Econo" models constructed with the same industrial quality methods and materials that have set the standard of the industry for over 32 years. Big 2" Diameter x .083" Steel Tube Is The Strongest Available.

500lb Load Capacity
Easy to install...NO DRILLING or CUTTING!
Supports Ladders, canoes, etc.
Protects cab and saves truck bed for a tool box or other cargo
Fully adjustable to fit ALL MODELS of full size and mini-trucks! (Will not fit step-side beds) Cross bars can be set at either 23 1/2 inches or 26 inches above the side walls to fit shorter or taller trucks

Bigger Tubes-Stronger Frame

Premium Powdercoat Finish

  • Five Stage Metal Pre-Treatment
  • Marine Grade Powder Coat Finish Specially Formulated To Resist Corrosion and Abrasion
  • Will Not Fade Or Dull
  • Available In Gloss Black

Easy On-Easy Off

  • Heavy duty clamp on mounts require no drilling

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Front and Rear Econo Racks
Mount on Econo Truck rack in the front and back of the bed, and you're all set to go up top with ladders, canoes, kyacks, lumber and other long rigid cargo. Easy on/off makes this low cost set-up perfect for the occasional user.  Includes no drill clamp on kit.

30050x2  $339.00



Front Only Econo Rack
Don't rest long ladders or lumber on the back of your truck's cab. Truck abuse is illegal in most states and the District of Columbia. The rock solid Kargo Master Econo Truck rack protects your cab, secures your load, and is very easy on your wallet.

30050  $179.00


Front and Rear Camper Shell Econo Racks
Fits All Trucks with Cab High Shells

Mounts on truck bed rail, features sturdy 2" tubing, beefy 1/4: tk. foot plates, and two height settings, 24" or 27" (High Setting Shown)

30060 $309.00



Truck Cab Protector Pad

Cargo Rack Straps
from ProGrip! 
Secure your Ladders, Pipe, Lumber to your truck rack


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