Kargo Master Ladder Rack Accessories

Optional Accessories for Truck Racks

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Conduit Box

Carrying stall safely secures tubing or pipe to your rack. Made of heavy gauge powder coated steel. Includes complete mounting bracket kit. Use with our load dividers or when boxes are used in pairs, cargo can be locked to prevent theft.

Available in black only

Part #31000 Discontinued

Window Guard

For Pro II Only. Protects rear cab window and prevents the truck bed from spreading apart under heavy loads. Made from reinforced 16 gage relled steel.

Available in black only


art #31080  Fits with PROII Rack Full Size Trucks (see below for Superduty and Ram Mega Cab)  $149.00

Part #31080/31080C   Fits with PROII  for Ford Superduty and Ram Mega Cab Only  $149.00

Part #31080/31080C   Fits with PROIII Rack model #8000 only  $149.00


Quick Clamp Cross Bar For All Pro II

Pro II Only. Can be positioned anywhere along the length of the rack to provide additional support where needed. Can be removed with tools to accommodate taller loads.

Available in black only

Part #31110   $79.00

Utility Hook

Pro II Only. Outboard side mount hook holds coild materials or sheet metal break within easy reach of the ground.

Available in black only

Part #31150   $39.00

Emergency Light Bracket
Mounts emergency flasher light or antenna anywhere along side channel of rack. Slotted mount plate accommodates bolt pattern of most sizes and brands of lights.

Available in black only

Part #31170   $49.00

These accessory bed rail rack mounts distribute the load, protect the truck's bed rail, and provide rack attachment points along the entire length of the truck bed. Can be used with our accessory Stake Pocket "T" Bolts to securely mount your rack without drilling into the truck bed. Provides flat base for mounting tool box or tonneau cover.

Available in black only

Standard Full Length Bed Rails - 72"
For short bed mini trucks without camper shell.

Part #31270    $129.00

Standard Full Length Bed Rail - 78"
For short bed full size trucks without camper shell.
Part #31280   $129.00

Standard Full Length Bed Rail - 96"
For long bed full size trucks without camper shell.
Part #31300   $149.00

Kargo Master Tied Downs  Rachet Strap Tie Downs - Pair

These Clamp-on ratchet straps (sold in sets of two) enable you quickly and safely secure cargo on top of rack. Required by law in some states.

Part #31490 $129.00

Camper 6" Extended Legs

These extended camper shell legs (set of four) are 3″ &  6″ longer than standard to provide extra clearance for high rise camper shells.

Part #31530   $129.00

PRO II 6″ Extension leg Kit For 0111-0

Part #31540   $99.00

PRO II 6″ Extension Leg Kit For 0113-0

Part #31650   $109.00

PRO III 6″ Extension Leg Kit For 80020

Front Bar Wind Deflector

Kargo Master racks are designed to minimize wind noise, but sometimes cab lights, atmospheric conditions or other accessories can cause noise. This wind deflector bolts to the front crossbar, and can be positioned to optimally deflect wind up over the cab, reducing or eliminating noise. Especially recommended when standard length racks are mounted on extended cab trucks. It routes wind coming off the windshield up over the cab to reduce wind noise. Fully adjustable.

Black only

Part #31570 $49.00

Truck Cab Protector Pad

Cargo Rack Straps
from ProGrip! 
Secure your Ladders, Pipe, Lumber to your truck rack


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