Kargo Master Load Capacity And Safety

We are frequently asked about how much weight our racks will carry. Rack capacity is different from the amount of weight that can be carried safely by, or without damaging the body of your vehicle.

While our racks are "rated" to carry up to 1700 pounds, that does not necessarily mean you can, or should carry such a load on top of your rack! The manufacturer of your truck has specified a GVW (gross vehicle weight) limitation. That specified carrying limit is designed around the stock springs, tires, body strength and other components. Additionally, you must remember that any load on top of your rack will significantly change the handling and braking characteristics of your truck and may increase the vehicle's tendency to roll over. Overloading may also damage the bodywork of your truck. Never exceed the manufacturer's cargo weight recommendations and use common sense when loading your vehicle.

If you carry building materials, plumbing pipe or other common construction or maintenance equipment we can provide you with several job-specific accessories which will help you safely contain these types of loads. Many states now require latching mounts for ladder racks. Why take a chance on damage or injury?

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