Kargo Master Pro II Ladder Racks Platform Body Trucks



  • Pro II Steel Truck Racks for platform body trucks are available for all full size trucks in a standard and extended/crew cab style that fits 8ft, 9ft, 11ft and 12ft bed lengths.

  • Features & Specs

    • Nationwide lifetime frame Warranty
    • Strongest production rack
    • Yellow Zinc Dichromate fasteners resist corrosion up to five times longer than standard white Zinc fasteners used by competing brands.
    • Rack easily removed with four bolts.
    • Flexible tubular frame absorbs impact stress that can damage your truck bed.
    • Self locking nuts stay tight.
    • Front bar overhangs cab to reduce wind noise and to support longer loads.
    • Superior corrosion protection.
    • Not cutting required
    • Time and money saving accessories available
    • Rack front is supported by existing cab guard.
    • Rear legs are height adjustable by cutting
    • Flanged rear mount brackets bolt to the platform body frame.



    • Yellow Zinc plated hardware
    • Cosmetic button head bolts.
    • Nyloc self locking nut.
    • 1700 LB. cargo capacity
    • 2” dia x .083 thick high tensile strength steel
    • Zinc Epoxy undercoat
    • High gloss black marine grade powder coat finish.
    • Swaged tube joints
    • 1000 hours ASTM salt spray resistance


Offered below in BLACK .  Please call to order white.
Please allow a lead time of approximately 5-10 business days before these racks ship.



Price Black Only

Standard Cab - 8' bed PKG-78000+70030 $629.00

Standard Cab
9' bed or 11' bed

PKG-79000+70030 $649.00

Extended Cab or Crew Cab Cab - 8' bed

PKG-78010+70030 $669.00

Extended Cab or Crew Cab Cab - 11' bed

PKG-79010+70030 $699.00

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