Truck Cab Pad Protector

The New Truck Cab Pad - Revolutionizing Cargo Control

Cab Pad is an easy to use, logical solution to you cargo control needs. 
Its flexible rubber design conforms to your vehicle to protect it from
scratches and dings while hauling the lumber for your new fence,
or your canoe for the weekend adventure.


Protects your vehicle from scratches and dents

Non-Slip, durable rubber will not mar vehicle finishes.

Conforms to the shape of your cab.

Suction cups keep Cab Pad in place.

Easy to use.

Multi use design for work or play.

Product Measures
27in.L x 4 1/2in.W x 4 3/4in.H

 Cab Pad 



Cargo Rack Straps
from ProGrip! 

Secure your Ladders, Pipe, Lumber to your truck rack


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