White Night Rear Lighting System Installation Tips

Installation Tips

Ease of installation for the customer has been one of the most important goals in the design of the White Night unit. Due to the varying vehicle manufacturing designs of the hitches, the installation of the White Night unit on some vehicles may require some minor modifications.

For "Fixed-Mount" Light Units...

To install "fixed mount" White Night units you need to have 3/4"clearance between the top of your hitch receiver tube and the bottom of your bumper. This is the clearance required for the light unit. If you do not have 3/4", on most vehicles it is possible to simply loosen the bolts that secure the rear bumper brackets to the chassis frame and raise the rear bumper to gain enough clearance. Once you have raised the bumper and clearance is achieved, simply re-tighten the bracket bolts. If 3/4" of clearance can not be achieved, you may use the "hitch insert" model of White Night. This model has vertical adjustment, but will require removal if and when you need to use your hitch for towing, etc.

Special Note: When installing your White Night light unit, take a moment to check and see if the backside (closest to rear axle) of your hitch tube is open or closed. If it is closed that's great! If it is open you will need to close it off and seal it with RTV silicone sealant. Open hitch tubes allow water and salt spray during winter months to pass into the light unit. This can cause corrosion problems within the unit.

When installing your hitch insert through the cutout in the"fixed mount" White Night unit you may find the hitch pin hole will no longer reach the pin hole in the receiver tube. You may drill a new hole closer to the end of your insert but the hole must be at least 1" from the end of insert. If your insert is too short to do this you will need to pick up a longer insert from your nearest truck accessory store. Don't take a chance with the pin hole too close to the end. If the hole was to break out it could cause injury to you and others, along with the loss of what you were towing!

For those of you that have one of the decorative hitch plug inserts. Some of these will work just fine with the White Night unit.Some of the inserts will be too short to reach the pin hole. You may be able to drill a new hole closer to the end. If not you can weld an extension to your insert and then drill a new hole. I suggest that you slip the insert into the receiver tube and mark the new pin hole location before drilling.

For "Hitch-Insert" Light Units...

In some instances it may be a little hard to install the hairclip pin onto your hitch pin. If you are going to need to remove your hitch insert regularly I suggest you purchase a longer hitch pin. They come in many different lengths so pick one that will make it easy for you. You may even want to consider purchasing a locking hitch pin to prevent the theft of your White Night unit!

For All Light Units...

If you have a trailer wiring plug on your vehicle it may require being moved to the side of the White Night unit. In most cases this is as simple as removing a few screws, moving the plug, drilling new holes and inserting the screws in the new holes. If your vehicle has the wiring plug bracket welded to the hitch as do some factory installed models, we offer some wiring plug relocating brackets here on our website as well as ordering instructions printed in the installation booklet.

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