Truck Bed Liner Locking Tie Downs

Truck Bed Liner Locking Tie Downs

Securing Cargo has never been easier!

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The Liner Locks System offers you a way to keep cargo items more securely tied down in your truck bed using our unique cam and lever bar system.

Liner Locks fit most plastic bed liners and with a simple quarter turn, it clamps down tight on the liner ridge allowing you to easily secure your cargo with bungee cords or rope.

Secures odd shaped and heavy cargo items like:
Air compressors
Also secures lightweight cargo items like:
Lawn Furniture Cushions
Styrofoam Ice Chests
Wicker Furniture

Liner Locks are made with 16 gauge steel for long lasting and durable use.
Each liner lock will hold in excess of 360 lbs. of direct pull.

Bungee cords not included - shown as sample use only


Liner Lock 4 pack   $24.95

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