Special Gentex Brackets for Foreign Vehicles

Gentex Auto Dimming Mirrors Fit Guide

Our Gentex mirrors are made to fit what is often referred to in the automotive industry as a domestic wedge mount. Below are pictures to scale of this button. If your vehicle has a mirror that mounts from the headliner (it's not on the windshield) you will need to place a button kit on your vehicle's windshield. We will gladly include this part with the purchase of any Gentex mirror.

If your vehicle has a windshield mount that looks different than this you will have to either place a wedge mount on your windshield in a different location, or we may have a specific adaptor that will allow our mirror to fit over your existing mount - see below.


Part Number

This mount is made to convert any factory Cam Lock style mirror to fit the Gentex or Intraphex rearview mirrors, most popular with Honda and Subaru vehicles.


50-VWAUDIBRKT VW/Audi Mirror adapter for vehicles with round Factory mount $46.00
Sprinter Chassis/SMART Car Mount Adapter for Gentex Mirror
50-9P6289 New Dodge Sprinter Van $15.99

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